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Einar Torfi Einarsson: Quanta

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Icelandic composer Einar Torfi Einarsson (born 1980) is a graduate of the University of Huddersfield and an emerging young composer of great interest. Einarsson's KAIROS debut presents five ensemble pieces written between 2008 to 2012.

His works are frequently performed by prominent ensembles and soloists, as on this album, and reflect his focus on experimental notation, performance physicality, non-linear and non-teleological structures, and notational experiments exploring the boundary between music, installation art, and visual art. Einarsson is certainly a composer you will be hearing a lot more from!


  1. Name
  2. Einarsson: Nine Tensions: I.
  3. Einarsson: Nine Tensions: II.
  4. Einarsson: Nine Tensions: III.
  5. Einarsson: Nine Tensions: IV.
  6. Einarsson: Nine Tensions: V.
  7. Einarsson: Nine Tensions: VI.
  8. Einarsson: Nine Tensions: VII.
  9. Einarsson: Nine Tensions: VIII.
  10. Einarsson: Nine Tensions: IX.
  11. Einarsson: Seven Intensions: I.
  12. Einarsson: Seven Intensions: II.
  13. Einarsson: Seven Intensions: III.
  14. Einarsson: Seven Intensions: IV.
  15. Einarsson: Seven Intensions: V.
  16. Einarsson: Seven Intensions: VI.
  17. Einarsson: Seven Intensions: VII.
  18. Einarsson: Tendencies: I.
  19. Einarsson: Tendencies: II.
  20. Einarsson: Tendencies: III.
  21. Einarsson: Tendencies: IV.
  22. Einarsson: Tendencies: V.
  23. Einarsson: Tendencies: VI.
  24. Einarsson: Tendencies: VII.
  25. Einarsson: Tendencies: VIII.
  26. Einarsson: Quanta
  27. Einarsson: Non-vanishing vacuum state
  28. Einarsson: Desiring-Machines
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