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Copenhagen 1972

Digital Versatile Disc (Video)
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Copenhagen 1972
Copenhagen 1972


Copenhagen 1972 was recorded over 40 years ago, featuring Deep Purples Mk II line-up (Blackmore-Lord-Paice-Gillan-Glover). This exact line-up released albums that are milestones of rock: In Rock, Machine Head and Fireball. Yes, one might even say that those were the halcyon days of the band which were sparked by the 1969 recruitment of Ian Gillan and Roger Glover, band-mates in Episode Six, to create the so-called Mk II DP line-up. Glover was an excellent bass player and a fine songwriter, but it was singer Gillan who really gave Purple the star quality the first line-up, featuring Rod Evans and Nick Simper, had lacked. They joined forces with Ritchie Blackmore on guitars, the unforgettable Jon Lord on organ and Ian Paice on drums and soon, the Mk II line-up became the most commercially successful up to this point.


  1. Name
  2. Highway Star (Live In Copenhagen 1972)
  3. Strange Kind Of Women (Live In Copenhagen 1972)
  4. Child In Time (Live In Copenhagen 1972)
  5. The Mule (Live In Copenhagen 1972)
  6. Lazy (Live In Copenhagen 1972)
  7. Space Truckin' (Live In Copenhagen 1972)
  8. Fireball (Live In Copenhagen 1972)
  9. Lucille (Live In Copenhagen 1972)
  10. Black Night (Live In Copenhagen 1972)
  11. Deep Purple & The Music Revolution - Bonus (Live In Copenhagen 1972)
  12. Strange Kind Of Woman - Bonus (Live In New York 1973)
  13. Smoke On The Water - Bonus (Live In New York 1973)
  14. Space Truckin' - Bonus (Live In New York 1973)
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