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Hail The Remedy

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Hail The Remedy
Hail The Remedy


The Goat Roper Rodeo Band Hail The Remedy. Just an upright bass, twin guitars and a bucketful of aching harmony amen. Well, What do you know?, 'The Goat Roper Rodeo Band' make a bare bones record, christen it 'Hail The Remedy' and hit the road whooping like an old time snake oil circus act, yeah, maybe you could call this thing 'Country Music ' for the here and now, both delicate and raw, latter day blues with a suede fringe, bell bottom jeans and a sack full of road trip dreams, maybe it's a little square peg in a big round world, a tent show hussy blowin' smoke rings and kisses at the ever circling rubber neckers ? Maybe it'll speak to you in your own tongue, click right into place and hang with you 'till the early dawn, leave you sleeping and sell your breakfast, then find a place to settle down, somewhere betwix 'Hank' and 'Gram' ? Maybe it'll hurt like a train and never write back, who knows? Maybe The devil is in the detail after all, like a snap shot take of a wheel still turning with an upright bass, twin guitars and a bucketful of aching harmony, no smoke' n' mirrors, no rabbits' n' hats or trick of the light, just matters and facts.'Hail The Remedy'.


  1. Name
  2. Bell Bottom Two Step
  3. Burn 'em All
  4. Whiskey Lullaby
  5. Ladies Mantle
  6. Next Time Around
  7. The Devils In the Detail
  8. Pay that Fare
  9. Tokyo Dreams
  10. Come and Go and Easy
  11. The World Don't Shine Like You
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