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Grind Over Matter

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Grind Over Matter
Grind Over Matter


From the mid-90s to 2005, Sweden's Defleshed churned out a white hot blend of thrash, death metal, and grindcore, marking themselves as one of the most vital bands in all three of those genres. Having run out of inspiration and wanting to try other things they called it a day the same year they released their fifth album Reclaim The Beat, and ever since fans have hollered for their reunion. In 2021 they got what they were asking for when the band's core lineup - guitarist Lars L?fven, drummer Matte Modin and bassist/vocalist Gustaf Jorde - got back together. None of the members took any convincing to reform or to push ahead with the full-length, starting to seriously write in Autumn 2021, and there was no masterplan guiding them. "We just wanted to see what we sounded like today, with new perspectives on things. We knew it had to be fast and furious yet diverse." The result is an album "filled to its maximum with power and energy", this made clear by opener "Bent Out Of Shape", which is perhaps the greatest start to any of their records. They do not take it easy on the listener from there on, with the likes of the thrashy "Dear Devil" and groove-laden "Unburdened By Genius" taking very different tactics in the damage they wreak, the band making a point of not repeating themselves while staying true to that classic Defleshed sound.


  1. Name
  2. Bent Out of Shape
  3. Grind Over Matter
  4. One Grave to Fit Them All
  5. Heavy Haul
  6. Dear Devil
  7. Staring Blind
  8. Blood Well Spent
  9. Unburdened by Genius
  10. Behind Dead Eyes
  11. Blastbeast
  12. Last Nail in the Coffin
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