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Boundless (Jewelcase CD)

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Jewel Case
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Boundless (Jewelcase CD)
Boundless (Jewelcase CD)


LONG DISTANCE CALLING recorded their new album "Boundless" without a singer, going back to your instrumental core competence as a quartet.If BOUNDLESS sounds like anyone at all, it's LONG DISTANCE CALLING. Four musicians, four totally different but strong characters. 'Out There', the opening track on the album, starts as a typical LONG DISTANCE CALLING groover, playing around with indie melodies, but ends with mighty riffs. No wild mix of styles, but a precisely composed and precisely arranged introduction."Ascending" starts off in an astonishingly fast tempo, and surprises rhythmically in the middle section to then culminate in a grand melody towards the end of the song. 'In The Clouds' features classic rock components paired with a dark 'In The Air Tonight' vibe. 'Weightless' is kind of the opposite experience, tricking you with easy reggae grooves in deceptive safety, before the wild ride starts and stops in Birmingham for an exploding Sabbath memory riff. But the Germans don't only rely on the rough stuff on their sixth album. The main theme of 'The Far Side' is reminiscent of melancholic, dark and sinister soundtracks while 'Like A River' could be used as the perfect musical background for a modern Jarmusch western with its light Calexico vibe. 'On The Verge' is driven by finely balanced loops and beats; percussive sounds play a greater role than ever before.


  1. Name
  2. Out There
  3. Ascending
  4. In The Clouds
  5. Like A River
  6. The Far Side
  7. On The Verge
  8. Weightless
  9. Skydivers
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