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Ltd. Deluxe black 8LP Box Set

Long Play Vinyl
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Ltd. Deluxe black 8LP Box Set
Ltd. Deluxe black 8LP Box Set


Here comes the second of a total of four Devin Townsend vinyl box set: "Eras - Vinyl Collection Part II".This one includes the albums "Ocean Machine" (2LP), "Infinity" (LP) and "Terria" (2LP), "Physicist" (LP) and "Synchestra" (2LP). All five albums come in Gatefold sleeves and of course on 180 g vinyl, specifically remastered for vinyl for this box to guarantee the best possible sound and listening experience. The five albums come in a sturdy box, which also includes an extensive LP-booklet with complete lyrics, liner notes and comments from Devin Townsend. The initial vinyl versions of these five classic Devin Townsend albums are sold out since many years and reach highest prices at Discogs and other online platforms. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to fill five gaps in your vinyl collection with just one reasonably priced purchase. Limited to 2500 units worldwide.


  1. Name
  2. Seventh Wave
  3. Sister
  4. Life
  5. 3 A.M.
  6. Night
  7. Voices In The Fan
  8. Hide Nowhere
  9. Greetings
  10. Regulator
  11. Funeral
  12. The Death Of Music
  13. Bastard
  14. Thing Beyond Things
  15. Truth
  16. Ants
  17. Christeen
  18. Wild Colonial Boy
  19. Bad Devil
  20. Life Is All Dynamics
  21. War
  22. Unity
  23. Soul Driven Cadillac
  24. Noisy Pink Bubbles
  25. Olives
  26. Deep Peace
  27. Mountain
  28. Canada
  29. Earth Day
  30. Down and Under
  31. Tiny Tears
  32. The Fluke
  33. Stagnant
  34. Nobody's Here
  35. Humble
  36. Namaste
  37. Irish Maiden
  38. Victim
  39. Jupiter
  40. Material
  41. Planet Rain
  42. Kingdom
  43. Forgotten
  44. Death
  45. Devoid
  46. The Complex
  47. Let It Roll
  48. Mental Tan
  49. Hypergeek
  50. Gaia
  51. Triumph
  52. Pixillate
  53. Babysong
  54. Judgement
  55. Vampolka
  56. Vampira
  57. A Simple Lullaby
  58. Sunset
  59. Notes from Africa
  60. Sunshine and Happiness
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