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Kveldssanger (Re-issue 2019)

Long Play Vinyl
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Kveldssanger (Re-issue 2019)
Kveldssanger (Re-issue 2019)


Wolves Among SheepUlver, the Norwegian enigma that have always thrived on provoking with class and conviction havealways set their own standards that would set themselves up in a class of their own.Every time this forward-thinking group release a new chapter, no matter what musical incarnation they decide to entice with, it is always inevitable that the shapes they come in are nothing short of intriguing, and intimidating. Taking their moniker from the Norwegian word for wolves, and being inspired by ideas of lycanthropy - the metamorphosis of man into beast - as well as ancient Norse myths and nature, Ulver would come onto the black metal scene, signifying what was to become its second wave, and single-handedly shaping what was to become avant-garde black metal.It was already clear with the Vargnatt promo tape, released in 1993, that Ulver had an impeccable mystique surrounding their aura. Layered with a sad romantic impression that would eventually lead the band to create their legendary trilogy (consisting of Bergtatt, Kveldssanger, and Nattens Madrigal), it would be with Vargnatt that Ulver first marked themselves as one of the most distinct and progressive artists that dwelled within the Norwegian black metal scene. Not only were they sonically exceptional, but thematically as well; the concepts, tales and themes that would reach deep into the heart of medieval Norway would also add to the overall atmosphere, creating a heavily layered canvas glazed from a palette of dark wonders.Forging a sound which was drenched in bleak, harsh, and unearthly tones, Ulver amalgamated their ethereal black metal histrionics with delicate folk-inspired passages reflecting visions of nature and myth at the height of their powers. It was then that Ulver became an observation that set them apart from the pack. And still to this day, Ulver have always managed to stir up some sort of conversation or controversy, sometimes leading to the point of offending; something they have always thrived on and which has ultimately def


  1. Name
  2. I: Ãstenfor Sol og vestenfor Maane [East of the Sunne and West of the Moone]
  3. II: Ord [Wordes]
  4. III: Høifjeldsbillde [The Mountainetops]
  5. IV: Nattleite [Nighte Time]
  6. V: Kveldssang [Twilight Song]
  7. VI: Naturmystikk [Naturall Mystick]
  8. VII: A Capella (Sielens Sang) [A Cappella (Song of the Soule)]
  9. VIII: Hiertets Vee [The Heart's Woe]
  10. IX: Klædt i Nattens farver [Cladde in Colours of the Nighte]
  11. X: Halling [Halling]
  12. XI: Utreise [Exodus]
  13. XII: Søfn-ør paa Alfers Lund [Drowsieness on Fairie Mound]
  14. XIII: Ulvsblakk [Wolfsgray]
  15. XIV: Synen
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