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Dimensionaut (2019 Re-Issue)

Long Play Vinyl
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Gate Fold Vinyl
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Dimensionaut (2019 Re-Issue)
Dimensionaut (2019 Re-Issue)


With 3 of his own albums under his belt, Simon Collins, son of legendary musician Phil Collins, decided to try something he had always wanted to do. Having grown up on tour with Genesis, Simon had a rare and unique perspective that inspired him to eventually pursue his own music career.At its core the band consists of Simon and co-producer/co-writer and keyboardist with the additon of such great co-writers and guitarists/bassists as Matt Dorsey and Kelly Nordstrom as well as Hannah Stobart (Rocket Moth, Wishing Tree) as a special guest in the studio. Sound Of Contact's debut album "Dimensionaut" is a concept album about a dimensional time and space traveler called "Dimo" who is on a mission to expand the boundaries of the human experience. The album features a wide range of styles and dynamics from dark and mysterious progressive rock to nostalgic classic rock to high energy alternative to sci-fi film score-infused "space rock". The album has been sold out on vinyl for years, so now InsideOutMusic re-releases "Dimensionaut": as Gatefold double LP with the CD album as extra.


  1. Name
  2. Sound Of Contact
  3. Cosmic Distance Ladder
  4. Pale Blue Dot
  5. I Am Dimensionaut
  6. Not Coming Down
  7. Remote View
  8. Beyond Illumination Feat. Hannah Stobart
  9. Only Breathing Out
  10. Realm Of In-Organic Beings
  11. Closer To You
  12. Omega Point
  13. Mobius Slip
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