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The Entombment Of Chaos

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The Entombment Of Chaos
The Entombment Of Chaos


"The Entombment Of Chaos" is the fourth album by LA's death metal act SKELETAL REMAINS, who have been inspired by the genre's legends of the 80's and 90's like Death, Morbid Angel, Gorguts, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse and Pestilence yet manage to combine old school roots successfully with an up-to-date, massive sound and their own inimitable intensity. On "The Entombment Of Chaos", SKELETAL REMAINS now reach a new creative peak resulting their finest album so far. Vocalist/guitarist Chris roars like Schuldiner or Tardy in their heydays, plays leads that bear the melodic feeling of James Murphy - whose band Disincarnate SR covered this time around - whereas drummer Charlie Koryn (Ascended Dead) pummels the listener with his ferocious performance.Once again mixed by Dan Swano and featuring artwork by Dan Seagrave, "The Entombment." continues the tradition of the previous record, 2018's "Devouring Mortality", but adds stronger dynamics musically through the instrumental piece 'Enshrined in Agony', the slow Morbid Angel hommage 'Eternal Hatred' that is contrasted by the furious pace of 'Dissectasy' or 'Unfurling The Casket'. A proper, timeless death metal record you definitely should check out!


  1. Name
  2. Cosmic Chasm (Intro)
  3. Illusive Divinity
  4. Congregation of Flesh
  5. Synthetic Impulse
  6. Tombs of Chaos
  7. Enshrined in Agony
  8. Dissectasy
  9. Torturous Ways to Obliteration
  10. Eternal Hatred
  11. Unfurling The Casket
  12. Stench of Paradise Burning (Cover Version)
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