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Remember... You Must Die

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Remember... You Must Die
Remember... You Must Die


"Remember... You Must Die" is the sound of extreme metal stalwarts SUICIDE SILENCE channeling the spirit of their classic albums like "The Cleansing" or "No Time to Bleed" and delivering a modern deathcore masterpiece. Produced by Taylor Young (Xibalba, Vitriol, Drain), "Remember... You Must Die" taps into the rawness and energy in SUICIDE SILENCE's DNA to thunderous result. Tracks like the album's first single, "You Must Die" and its follow-up "Capable of Violence (N.F.W.)" are proof positive that SUICIDE SILENCE are far from mellowing with time. With this record, they're going deeper and darker, the songs often lyrically being a meditation on death and finality. Says the band: "Every second the clock ticks we grow closer to death and what happens after our short bout with time is a total mystery. 'Remember... You Must Die' was written as a reminder to remember death and to not let time be our master." With artwork by acclaimed Necrosurrealist artist David Van Gough, SUICIDE SILENCE isn't merely looking back in anger. They're starring forward and setting the standard for metallic extremity in the process.


  1. Name
  2. Remember...
  3. You Must Die
  4. Capable of Violence (N.F.W.)
  5. Fucked for Life
  6. Kill Forever
  7. God Be Damned
  8. Alter of Self
  9. Endless Dark
  10. The Third Death
  11. Be Deceived
  12. Dying Life
  13. Full Void
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