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Meroe EP

7" Vinyl
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Meroe EP
Meroe EP


Anglo-Mauritian producer, percussionist, and vocalist Mo Kolours makes a welcome return to 22a following on from his two highly acclaimed albums on One Handed Music. The tropical Meroe EP takes you on a journey through hip hop, dub, funk and house - a choice selection of cuts presented on a limited 7" vinyl, with original artwork designed by the man himself!

Side A opens with 'Cerasee Doctor,' a classic Mo Kolours production. Hip Hop meets Dub Reggae, with a catchy vocal loop throughout, equipped with a healthy dollop of dub sirens - this one is sure to grace many a soundsystem worldwide! 'Margoze' follows and takes the listener on a journey to West Africa where cowbells and syncopated rhythms take lead whilst the distant sound of local dialogue blends seamlessly in and out of the mix, rooting it deep in its African foundation.

Side B begins with 'Goya,' which brings about a fusion of traditional Vietnamese folk mixed with snippets of slap bass to create a collage of worldly sounds a technique synonymous with the acclaimed producer. The EP finishes with the title track 'Meroe,' where Mo Kolours once again effortlessly fuses ancient and modern sounds to create a dancefloor winner. Its up-tempo rhythm keeps heads nodding with it's low pulsing bass line rumbling beneath, whilst tribal chants bring euphoric moments to the mix leaving the listener feeling positively uplifted.

In conclusion it's a mini EP that packs a big punch! And most importantly it sees the return of a heralded music maker.

This release is limited to 500 copies - don't sleep!


  1. Name
  2. Cerasee Doctor
  3. Margoze
  4. Goya
  5. Meroe
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