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Love In This Time

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Love In This Time
Love In This Time


Music is the language of passion, the food of love - and life would be a mistake without it. What does Ulita Knaus have to add to these poetic musings by Richard Wagner, Shakespeare, and Nietzsche? With 'Love In This Time', her seventh album as a leader, the singer, songwriter and producer with South American and German roots presents an equally romantic and energetic album, a resounding compass guiding us to various topics and questions dear to her heart. In nine original compositions and a very personal rendition of Stevie Wonder's 'Visions', she proves herself a very vocal self-made woman. Nothing was planned, Ulita says, "while writing the songs it just so happened that all of them were about love". The songs that ended up on 'Love In This Time' sound and feel accordingly - sometimes sensual, sometimes sentimental, sometimes even angry, hopeful, or nearly resigned. Ulita Knaus' singing sounds easy and sumptuous, always charming, clear and precise, even in the most complex moments. Her not always unambiguous love songs go skin deep, and do so in a delightfully laidback manner. It sounds as if the singer never judges, only observes, and 'Love In This Time' is full of understanding and concern. Yet another reason this seventh album by Ulita Knaus is so remarkable and wonderful, a potential favourite for years to come.


  1. Name
  2. Zero Days
  3. Invader
  4. One Note
  5. Forever Seven
  6. Mammoth Tree
  7. White Signs On Black Flags
  8. Missing Link
  9. The Nothingness Of Today
  10. Quantum Physics Of Love
  11. Visions
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