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Spätes Leuchten

10" Vinyl
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Gate Fold Vinyl
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Spätes Leuchten
Spätes Leuchten


16 new songs, matured in the Austrian universal artists cultural institution mysterious notebooks, marking a return to André Hellers artistic as a musician. Even some dedicated Heller fans can no longer remember that the young Heller, by now a cultural institution with his Circus Roncalli, his Anima gardens near Marrakech, his books and movies, had an extraordinary career as a chansonnier and songwriter from the late sixties to the early eighties. In the songs of Spätes Leuchten Heller now remembers the delirious conversations with his old mother, directs his listeners through the night, or over St. Mark's Square in Venice, he sings of the Hero's Square, or Djemaa el Fna, the place of the executioners in Marrakech. He embarks on a Faustian conversation with the devil, sings a Jewish lament, as well as a Jewish wedding song, interprets songs by Claudio Baglioni and Jimmy Webb, and Otis Redding's "Try a little tenderness".


  1. Name
  2. 1. Alles In Allem
  3. 2. Mutter Sagt
  4. 3. Im Anfang Woa Dei Mund
  5. 4. In Der Dunkelheit
  6. 5. Maybe Its True
  7. 6. Woas Ned So
  8. 7. Die Wiener Judenkinder
  9. 8. Venedig
  10. 9. Papirossi
  11. 10. Du Mein Ich
  12. 11. Marrakech
  13. 12. Heldenplatz
  14. 13. Hab So Sehnsucht
  15. 14. Es Gibt
  16. 15. Dem Milners Trern
  17. 16. My River
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