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Various Artists

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Brilliant Case (Jewel Case size, Holds 2 CDs)
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Various Artists
Various Artists


Compilation of Chinese music, with CD1 dedicated to Chinese traditional instruments while CD2 is a selection of the very best of the National Opera of Beijing.


  1. Name
  2. The Clouds Chasing the Moon
  3. Spring in the Parmirs
  4. Wild Geese Alighting
  5. Fishermen's Song at Eventide
  6. There is a Golden Sun in Beijing
  7. Three variations on the Plum Blossoms
  8. A Hundred Birds Playing Homage to the Phoenix
  9. Ai Ying Mourning Capital of the Chu State
  10. Spring Arrives at the Yi River
  11. Rising Higher Step by Step
  12. Go to the Fair
  13. A Horse Race
  14. The Deep Night
  15. Pursuing the Fish
  16. The Bamboo Plant Named After the Imperial Cocubine of Xiang
  17. Tune Named He Huan Ling
  18. Traditional Beijing Opera: Li Shiji
  19. Traditional Beijing Opera: Fang Rongxiang
  20. Traditional Beijing Opera: Du Jinfan
  21. Traditional Beijing Opera: Sun Yue
  22. Traditional Beijing Opera: Yang Chunxia
  23. Traditional Beijing Opera: Zhang Xuejin
  24. National Opera: Wang Yuzhen
  25. National Opera: Guo Lanying, Luo Minchi
  26. National Opera: Zheng Li
  27. National Opera: Yu Wenhua, Wei Jindong
  28. National Opera: Pen Liyuan
  29. National Opera: Soloist and Chorus
  30. Modern Beijing Opera: Ma Changli, Hong Xuefei, Zhou Hetong
  31. Modern Beijing Opera: Tong Xiangling
  32. Modern Beijing Opera: Liu Changyu
  33. Modern Beijing Opera: Gao Yuquian
  34. Modern Beijing Opera: Qi Shufang
  35. Modern Beijing Opera: Li Bingshu
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