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A hazy collection of funk-laced basslines and breathy vocals that make you want to crack open a cold one and float down a river on a lilo. Their follow up album Twister chucked this ethos in the blender, juxtaposing their chilled spirit with lyrics that trace the anxieties plaguing modern life.

Sunsetter is LEISURE's third studio album, concluding their 2020/2021 EP series 'Side A' and 'Side B'. As the world has provided it's challenges these past years, the group decided to release the record in phases, "we wanted to release a collection of records that really made us 'feel' something in these ever changing modern times."

2020's Side A marked a new chapter in LEISURE's journey. Lyrics explore the nuances of romance and relationships, while their sound pulls from influences as broad as Japanese city pop to Bill Withers.

2021's Side B marked a new chapter again, a sonic exploration in mood and groove. The song themes are centred around a journey for personal peace, each track taking pride from internalised realisations or challenges and arranged in a way to familiarly feel like 'life-on-loop'.

Completing the album are two new tracks not originally included in the EP series, the silky "Dipping and Diving," and bass driven "Be with You".

Sunsetter, the full album fittingly concludes its beginnings of Side A's new light. An album centred around home, underpinned as always by their genuine friendship and democratic writing process, it follows the journey of their past couple of years, one in which they have started families, become closer friends and refocused on what is important.

"Amongst the influx of sombre, angst-fuelled tracks of the past year against the background of the pandemic, LEISURE provide a more positive escape." The Line of Best Fit


  1. Name
  2. Slipping Away
  3. Lonely Nights
  4. Eye 2 Eye
  5. Spark It Up
  6. Beautiful
  7. Dipping & Diving
  8. Be With You
  9. Take You Higher
  10. Mesmerised
  11. Flipside
  12. Visions Of You
  13. Miles Away

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