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Hestia (2LP)

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Hestia (2LP)
Hestia (2LP)


THE RUMJACKS // HESTIA // 12TH MARCH, 2021 | 2 LP Set w/ Digital Download Card

"Into the mouth of the wolf You're never gonna take me down. There's still a beating heart beneath the ground"

Hestia, the fifth and most recent studio album from The Rumjacks, marks a new era for the band.

Hestia takes the energy of traditional folk music, lights it on fire, then sprinkles it with ash. Dark, gritty, and historically aware, this is music grounded in the character of the Rebel.

When writing Hestia (named after the Greek goddess of home and hearth), bandmembers Mike Rivkees (vocals), Johnny McKelvey (bass), Gabe Whitbourne (guitar), Adam Kenny (bouzouki/mandolin), and Pietro Della Sala (drums) apply their diverse American, Australian, Italian, and Irish perspectives to create a new, globalized iteration of the Celtic punk legacy dating back to the Pogues, with the punk, ska, and hard rock sounds pulsing through their veins. For twelve years, the Rumjacks have written songs that you cannot help but start singing by the second chorus, even if you have never heard them before. In this short career, they have released four acclaimed studio albums and two live albums that capture their most renowned asset: their electric energy onstage. That organic energy has garnered them a far-reaching fanbase. The band's breakthrough hit, "Irish Pub Song" (2011), a tongue-in-cheek jaunt about all the Irish pubs in the world, has over sixty-five million views on YouTube.

The band now counts hundreds of thousands of fans in Canada, the UK, Germany, France, the U.S.A, Italy, Poland, and Australia.


  1. Name
  2. Naysayers
  3. Bullhead
  4. Through These Iron Sights
  5. Sainted Millions
  6. Hestia
  7. Lizzie Borden
  8. Golden Death
  9. Tell Me What Happened
  10. Rhythm Of Her Name
  11. Light In My Shadow
  12. Wanderust
  13. Athens To The North
  14. Lost Along The Way
  15. Motion
  16. Goodnight & Make Mends
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