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Snow Catches On Her Eyelashes LP

Long Play Vinyl
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Snow Catches on Her Eyelashes
Snow Catches on Her Eyelashes


Jazzland is proud to present the brand new opus from two of the brightest luminaries on the Norwegian scene. "Snow catches on her Eyelashes" emanates musical authority, a hyperconscious layering of textures and musicality, at once evocative of some otherworldly space, yet familiar at a deep human level that resonates with each sonic flourish. While Aarset and Bang have worked together in many projects, particularly on Aarset's "Dream Logic" (ECM 2012), "Snow catches on her Eyelashes" is a different kind of creation. Where "Dream Logic" was distinctly an "Eivind Aarset" album, albeit one where Aarset explored new territory with his guitar and playing, this new album is clearly the work of a duo. Immediately noticeable is the lack of obviously "guitar" sounds. Aarset uses his instrument extensively as a textural device, conjuring all manner of electroacoustic noise and hum, glitches, and disruptive sonics. However, on "Two Days In June", a track created for the late dancer/choreographer Christine Brunel, the harmonic and melodic aspects of Aarset's playing come to the fore. Bang's manipulation of field recordings, samples, found sounds, and of Aarset's playing provides a musical and textural continuity and coherence to the album. His skilful interweaving of a huge array of disparate sonic material into new soundscapes and auditory artefacts, densely layered without obfuscation, whether like nebulous visions or vivid hallucinations, gives clarity to the overarching spirit of the album. Featuring contributions from Nils Petter Molvær (trumpet), Hilde Norbakken (piano), Anders Engen (drums/percussion), Audun Erlien (bass), and a vocal sample from Sidsel Endresen, there is an endless diversity to the tonal characteristics of each piece while maintaining the consistency of the musical language the duo have created and evolved during their many years of collaboration.


  1. Name
  2. Purplebright
  3. Asphalt Lake
  4. Before The Wedding
  5. Two Days In June
  6. The Witness
  7. Serenade
  8. Monochrome
  9. Night Spell
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