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R&B From The Marquee (Bonus Tracks)

Long Play Vinyl
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R&B From The Marquee (Bonus Tracks)
R&B From The Marquee (Bonus Tracks)


EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION OF 500 COPIES HIGH-DEFINITION PREMIUM VINYL PRESSING FOR SUPER FIDELITY THE WAY THIS MUSIC WAS MEANT TO BE HEARD 180 gram VINYL - AUDIOPHILE PRESSING. Alexis Korner is widely regarded as the founding father of British blues. He became well known in the '60s, as his early performances and teachings were a magnet for young blues enthusiasts. Korner put together amplified blues outfits that spawned the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Pretty Things, Cream and Led Zeppelin, among others. He also became a familiar exponent of the idiom on the BBC. This essential LP release includes R&B from the Marquee one of Korner's most iconic albums from his early days with Blues Incorporated. The long play was not a live album, nor was it cut at the Marquee as its title suggests. It was actually taped at Decca Records' London studio in June 1962, produced by Jack Good and released that same year by Decca's subsidiary label Ace of Clubs. In addition to the original long play, this limited collector's edition includes 4 bonus tracks from the same period. The bonus material includes the guitar instrumental "3/4 A.D." (a collaborative recording with the legendary British folk guitarist Davy Graham), Willie Dixon's "I'm Built for Comfort," and two hard-to-find sides: Lead Belly's "National Defence Blues," and the acoustic gem "Sail On". "Alexis Korner and Cyril Davies were the start of rhythm and blues in UK. I learned the blues through them." Charlie Watts ALEXIS KORNER'S BLUES INCORPORATED: Alexis Korner (acoustic guitar), Cyril Davies (harmonica, also vocals on Side 1 tracks 3, 5, 6 & 7 / Side 2, tracks 1 & 3), John Baldry (vocals on Side 1, track 2 / Side 2, tracks 5 & 6), Spike Heatley (upright bass), Keith Scott (piano), Graham Burbidge (drums), Dick Heckstall-Smith (tenor saxophone), among others. Further personnel information is detailed inside. Recorded by Jack Clegg at Decca Studios, West Hampstead, London, June 8, 1962. Original recordings produced by Jack Good.


  1. Name
  2. Gotta Move
  3. Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound
  4. Got My Brand On You
  5. Spooky But Nice
  6. Keep Your Hands Off
  7. (I Wanna Put) A Tiger In Your Tank
  8. I'm Built For Comfort
  9. 3/4 A.D.
  10. I Got My Mojo Working
  11. Finkle's Café
  12. Hoochie Coochie
  13. Down Town
  14. How Long, How Long, Blues
  15. I Thought I Heard That Whistle Blow
  16. National Defence Blues
  17. Sail On
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