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Heinz Holliger: Induuchlen

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Heinz Holliger: Induuchlen
Heinz Holliger: Induuchlen


'Induuchlen', destined surely for cult status, finds Heinz Holliger the creative composer drawing inspiration from arcane Swiss sources, setting the poetry of Anna Maria Bacher who writes in the endangered idiom of "Pummattertisch", and verse by the late Albert Streich, who wrote in Brienz-German. As conductor Holliger draws committed performances from a cast of gifted chamber musicians and singers Sylvia Nopper and Kai Wessel. The results are intriguing, mysterious and strangely beautiful.

Heinz Holliger is one of the most versatile and accomplished musical personalities of our time. Born in Langenthal in 1939, he studied oboe, piano and composition in Bern, Paris and Basel. The recipient of numerous awards (Composers Award of the Schweizer Tonkünstlerverein, Ernst von Siemens Music Prize, Music Prize of Frankfurt, and others), Heinz Holliger counts among the most renowned composers in the world today.

Personnel: Sylvia Nopper (soprano), Kai Wessel (countertenor), Felix Renggli (flutes, piccolo), Elmar Schmid (clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet), François Benda (clarinet), Jürg Dähler (violin, viola), Matthias Würsch (marimba, drums, cimbalom), Ursula Holliger (harp), Daniel Haefliger (cello), Olivier Darbellay (horn, natural horn), Bahar Dördüncü (piano), Heinz Holliger (conductor), Albert Streich & Anna Maria Bacher (speakers)


  1. Name
  2. Toronto-Exercises (2005), I. Monotonia
  3. II. Moto perpetuo
  4. III. Harmonia
  5. IV. Canon in prolatio
  6. Gedichte: Der Wênter
  7. aber wêr si Fogla!
  8. Wen mu plangät
  9. Herbscht
  10. Der letscht Flug
  11. Hêlf!
  12. Lengi Nacht
  13. T Rosa im Morgä
  14. Dem Toot
  15. Dechä un Werter
  16. Puneigä (2000/02), I. Der Wênter
  17. II. aber wêr si Fogla !
  18. Umgiiri (Nachtgeister) - Zwischenspiel I
  19. III. Wen mu planget
  20. IV. Herbscht
  21. V. Der letscht Fluk
  22. z Fingerschädru (Das Fingergetuschel) - Zwischenspiel II
  23. VI. Hêlf !
  24. z Rêtschkuts (Das Geknarre) - Zwischenspiel III
  25. VII. Lengi Nacht
  26. VIII. T Rosa im Morgä
  27. Ischu Koraal (Eis-Choral) - Zwischenspiel IV
  28. IX. Dem Toot
  29. X. Dechä un Werter
  30. Induuchlen
  31. Induuchlen (2004), Brienzinium Uf steinigem Boden
  32. Zitronefalter
  33. Induuchlen
  34. Der Stäg
  35. Mamounia (2002)
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