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Zwiegesprache: Holliger & Kurtag

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Zwiegesprache: Holliger & Kurtag
Zwiegesprache: Holliger & Kurtag


Released to mark Heinz Holliger's 80th birthday (on 21 May), this recording Zwiegespräche - "Dialogues" - is the perfect embodiment of his dual artistry as performer and composer.

Zwiegespräche begins with the intensely moving sound of Heinz Holliger's oboe calling out into the wild, in a piece written for him by his longstanding friend György Kurtág. Then comes a response composed by him, played on cor anglais by his pupil Marie-Lise Schüpbach. From here the conversation develops, of two composers who, from their solitary positions, strive to make contact with one another and with us. The many pieces are, as is typical for both composers, short. Six and a half minutes here is an epic, and many of the messages are over in under a minute. Such dimensions invite us to listen closely, to every turning nuance, and our attention is rewarded, by music-making that is at once emphatic and fine-grained.

Personnel: Heinz Holliger (oboe, cor anglais, piano), Marie-Lise Schüpbach (cor anglais, oboe), Ernesto Molinari: (bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet), Sarah Wegener (soprano), Philippe Jaccottet (speaker)


  1. Name
  2. Kurtág: Ein Brief aus der Ferne an Ursula for oboe solo
  3. Holliger: Berceuse pour M. for cor anglais solo
  4. Kurtág: für Heinz for piano left hand
  5. Holliger: Die Ros (Angelus Silesius) version for soprano, oboe, cor anglais and bass clarinet
  6. Kurtág: Angelus Silesius: Die Ros for soprano and cor anglais (Hommage á Heinz Holliger)
  7. Holliger: Airs (Sept poèmes de Philippe Jaccottet - Lecture pour hautbois et cor anglais) - I Une semaison de larmes
  8. Holliger: Airs - II L'il
  9. Holliger: Airs - III Ce qui brûle for two oboes
  10. Holliger: Airs - IV Dans l'étendue
  11. Holliger: Airs - V O compagne for two cors anglaises
  12. Holliger: Airs - VI Je marche
  13. Holliger: Airs - VII Oiseaux
  14. Kurtág: Schatten for contrabass clarinet
  15. Kurtág: Rozsnyai Ilona in memoriam for cor anglais and contrabass clarinet
  16. Kurtág: Einen Augenblick lang for oboe solo
  17. Kurtág: Versetto (apokrif organum) for cor anglais and bass clarinet
  18. Kurtág: Hommage à Elliott Carter I Capriccio for oboe solo
  19. Kurtág: Hommage à Elliott Carter II Arioso for cor anglais and contrabass clarinet
  20. Kurtág: Kroó György in memoriam for contrabass clarinet solo
  21. Kurtág: Lorand Gaspar: Désert for soprano and oboe
  22. Kurtág: "Der Glaube (Péter Bornemisza) for oboe solo
  23. Kurtág: summaia a B.P. for oboe and contrabass clarinet
  24. Kurtág: ein Sappho-Fragment for cor anglais solo
  25. Kurtág: (Hommage à Tristan) for cor anglais and bass clarinet
  26. Kurtág: Einen Augenblick lang for contrabass clarinet solo
  27. Kurtág: In Nomine allongherese (Damjanich emlekko) for cor anglais solo
  28. Holliger: Sonata for Oboe solo - I Praludium
  29. Holliger: Sonata for Oboe solo II Capriccio
  30. Holliger: Sonata for Oboe solo III Aria
  31. Holliger: Sonata for Oboe solo IV Finale
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