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Together Again (Juntos Otra Vez)

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Together Again (Juntos Otra Vez)
Together Again (Juntos Otra Vez)


The list of artists performing in "Together Again (Juntos Otra Vez)" reads like a "Who's Who" of today's Latin scene. For this his impressive fourth US album, trombonist Juan Pablo Torres succeeded in enlisting nothing but great names. This album is performed exclusively by instrumentalists who have proved their worth in this field many times before in other prjects. Pianist Jesús "Chucho" Valdés, for example, made his mark as the founder of the Cuban top orchestra Irakere. The track record of bass player Andy Gonzalez includes support for such prominent artists as John Tchicai, Milton Cardona, Kip Hanrahan or David Sanchez. And tuba virtuoso Bob Stewart has played for jazz heroes like Carla Bley, Gil Evans and Charles Mingus. These globally sought-after artists are joined by Robin Eubanks (Stevie Wonder, McCoy Tyner, Art Blakey) and Steve Turré (Santana, Ray Charles, Dexter Gordon), two first-class trombone players. The trumpet part is played by Arturo Sandoval (Dizzy Gillespie). And in the percussion department, last but not least, we find Roberto Vizcaino (Steve Coleman), Horacio Hernandez (John Patitucci) and Giovanni Hidalgo (Freddie Hubbard, Mickey Hart), also impressive names with the very best references. With these top people J.P. Torres has recorded an enthralling Latin or rather Cuban jazz album with up-to-the-minute sound. He has cleverly combined stylistic elements from his native Cuba with up-to-the-minute sounds from his present US exile. In the track "Salt And Pepper" for example, grooves from Castro country meet ultra-modern jazz sounds. "Aché" (a Yoruba expression for happiness, manual skill and also for spiritual strength) freely combines stirring rhythmic figures in 3-4 time (!9 with freely arranged improvisations. "Moonlight Serenade" is an original cha-cha-cha arrangement of Glenn Miller's evergreen. The standard swing number "Pennsylvania 6-5000" undergoes a startling mambo metamorphosis. And in "Slide Force" three trombones and a tuba sparkle in a smooth brass arrangement with a Latin-American flvor. On "Together Again (Juntos Otra Vez)" Torres makes full use of the experience gained from his long musical career. He learned music-making right from scratch as a child. Born in 1946 in Puerto Padre in Cuba, he was first taught by his father to play the bombardino (baritone saxhorn). At the age of fifteen he switched to the trombone and joined a band called Los Perversos. In the mid-1960's he moved to the capital, Havana. There this new arrival from Orient province studied at the renowned Escuela Nacional de Arte, and subsequently applied his newly-acquired skills in a variety of hotel bands such as Octavio Sánchez Cotán's fomation. In the spring of 1967 he joined the legendary big band Orquestra Cubana de Música Moderna, and then with Algo Nuevo (= Something New) he first led his own group. In 1979 Torres was commissioned as a reaction to the salsa boom in New York - to make up a dance band with thirty of Cuba's best musicians. This dream team named Estrellas de Areito skil-fully fused the most varied timbres from the rum and tobacco island. In 1992 Torres emigraed to America where he met up with Mario Bauzá, Paquito D'Rivera and the late Tito Puente. In Miami and New Jersey he recorded "Trombone Man" (1995), "Pepper Trombone" (1997) and "Descarga Afrocubana", all excellent albums, under his own name. With "Together Again (Juntos Otra Vez)" Juan Pablo Torres now presents us with the best long-playing album he has ever made - either north or south of the Gulf Stream."


  1. Name
  2. When Day Breaks
  3. Slide Force
  4. Salt And Peper
  5. Ache
  6. Moonlight Serenade
  7. Torres And Ture
  8. Pennsylvania 6-500
  9. Yunfa
  10. All Rhythem Ahead
  11. Blowing Up
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