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Songs from Old Russia

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Brilliant Case (Jewel Case size, Holds 2 CDs)
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Songs from Old Russia
Songs from Old Russia


Serge Jaroff (1896-1985) founded his world-famous Don Cossack Choir in 1921 and they made their first concert appearances in 1923. The choir consisted of Don Cossacks living in exile, and appeared throughout the world performing repertoire comprising chiefly of Russian church and folk music. On the basis of this the choir became internationally renowned and a much-loved ambassador of Russian culture. In 1979 it gave its last performance in Paris, whilst continuing to make appearances under Jaroff's direction until 1981. This double CD includes the hits Kalinka, Evening Bells, I pray to the power of love, and The Monotonous Chiming of the Little Bell.

Personnel: Don Cossack Choir, Serge Jaroff (musical director)


  1. Name
  2. Abendglocken (Trad.)
  3. Reitermarsch (Trad.)
  4. Schwarze Augen (Trad. / Bearb.: Jaroff)
  5. Moskauer Nächte (Solovieff, Sedoy, Matusowsky / Bearb.: A. Jaroff)
  6. Kalinka (Trad.)
  7. Wolga-Bootsschlepper (Ej uchnjem) (Trad.)
  8. Es wird im Walde erzählt (Trad.)
  9. Räuberlied (Trad. / Bearb.: Jaroff)
  10. Am Flusse Don (Trad. / Bearb.: Schtschogloff, Kulikovitsch)
  11. Die Geschichte vom Ataman Platow (Trad. / Bearb.: Jaroff)
  12. Zwei Kosaken-Feldmarschlieder (Trad.)
  13. Lezginka (Kaukasisches Volkslied) (Trad.)
  14. Das Lied vom Terek-Fluss (Trad. / Bearb.: Jaroff)
  15. Credo (Gretschaninoff / Bearb.: Jaroff)
  16. Ich bete an die Macht der Liebe (Bortnjansky)
  17. Rette, o Gott, Dein Volk (Trad.)
  18. Eintönig klingt hell das Glöckchen (Trad.)
  19. Die Petersburger Straße entlang (Trad. / Bearb.: Jaroff)
  20. Stenka Rasin (Trad.)
  21. Himbeerernte (Trad.)
  22. Der rote Sarafan(Trad.)
  23. Zwei Gitarren (Trad.)
  24. Lieder vom Don (Trad. / Bearb.: Jaroff)
  25. Militär-Walzer (Trad. / Bearb.: Jaroff)
  26. Dummes Mädchen (Trad. / Bearb.: Jaroff)
  27. Die Straße entlang (Varlamoff / Bearb.: Jaroff)
  28. Matrosenlied (Trad. / Bearb.: Jaroff)
  29. Die gefangenen Kosaken (Trad. / Ukrainisches Saporoschky Kosakenlied)
  30. Die Legende von den 12 Räubern (Trad. / Bearb.: Jaroff)
  31. Abschied (Sacharoff, Schwedoff)
  32. Still ruht der See (deutsch gesungen) (Trad. / Bearb.: Pfeil)
  33. Guten Abend, gut' Nacht (deutsch gesungen) (Brahms / Bearb.: Jaroff)
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