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12 Original Albums - The Fat Man Is Stompin'

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12 Original Albums - The Fat Man Is Stompin'
12 Original Albums - The Fat Man Is Stompin'


Ten CD set that gathers together twelve original LPs and more than forty bonus tracks by Fats Domino, one of the most influential and successful stars in R&B/Rock 'n' Roll. During the rock and roll boom Fats Domino's name was mentioned in the same breath as those of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Bill Haley. Between 1955 and 1968 Domino produced hit after hit, no fewer than sixty-six songs reached the billboard charts. Nor was his popularity confined to the USA, he was one of the most successful entertainers of his time world-wide. In the United Kingdom he had close to twenty songs in the charts.


  1. Name
  2. The Fat Man
  3. Tired of Crying
  4. Goin' Home
  5. You Said You Loved Me
  6. Going to the River
  7. Please Don't Leave Me
  8. Rose Mary
  9. All by Myself
  10. Ain't It a Shame
  11. Poor Me
  12. Bo Weevil
  13. Don't Blame It on Me
  14. Boogie Woogie Baby (Bonus Track)
  15. Korea Blues (Bonus Track)
  16. What's the Matter Baby (Bonus Track)
  17. Don't Lie to Me (Bonus Track)
  18. Sometimes I Wonder (Bonus Track)
  19. My Blue Heaven
  20. Swanee River Hop
  21. Second Line Jump
  22. Goodbye
  23. Careless Love
  24. I Love Her
  25. I'm in Love Again
  26. When My Dreamboat Comes Home
  27. Are You Going My Way
  28. If You Need Me
  29. My Heart Is in Your Hands
  30. Fats Frenzy
  31. Right from Wrong (Bonus Track)
  32. No No Baby (Bonus Track)
  33. Rockin' Chair (Bonus Track)
  34. How Long (Bonus Track)
  35. Blueberry Hill
  36. Honey Chile
  37. What's the Reason (I'm Not Pleasing You)
  38. Blue Monday
  39. So Long
  40. La La
  41. Troubles of My Own
  42. You Done Me Wrong
  43. Reeling and Rocking
  44. The Fat Mans Hop
  45. Poor Poor Me
  46. Trust in Me
  47. Dreaming (Bonus Track)
  48. Nobody Loves Me (Bonus Track)
  49. The Girl I Love (Bonus Track)
  50. Somethings Wrong (Bonus Track)
  51. Don't Leave Me This Way (Bonus Track)
  52. Detroit City Blues
  53. Hide Away Blues
  54. She's My Baby
  55. New Baby
  56. Little Bee
  57. Every Night about This Time
  58. I'm Walkin'
  59. I'm in the Mood for Love
  60. Cheatin'
  61. You Can Pack Your Suitcase
  62. Hey Fat Man
  63. I'll Be Gone
  64. Little School Girl (Bonus Track)
  65. I Lived My Life (Bonus Track)
  66. I Know (Bonus Track)
  67. Don't You Know (Bonus Track)
  68. Helping Hand (Bonus Track)
  69. The Rooster Song
  70. My Happiness
  71. As Time Goes By
  72. Hey La Bas Boogie
  73. Love Me
  74. Don't You Hear Me Calling You
  75. It's You I Love
  76. Valley of Tears
  77. Where Did You Stay
  78. Baby Please
  79. Thinking of You
  80. You Know I Miss You
  81. When I See You (Bonus Track)
  82. I Still Love You (Bonus Track)
  83. Yes My Darling (Bonus Track)
  84. Don't You Know I Love You (Bonus Track)
  85. The Big Beat
  86. I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You
  87. What Will I Tell My Heart
  88. Barrel House
  89. Little Mary
  90. Sick and Tired
  91. I Want You to Know
  92. 44
  93. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  94. I Can't Go On
  95. Long Lonesome Journey (Domino/Jarrett)
  96. Young School Girl
  97. No No (The River) (Bonus Track)
  98. Prisoners Song (Bonus Track)
  99. It Must Be Love (Bonus Track)
  100. Whole Lotta Loving (Bonus Track)
  101. Be My Guest (Bonus Track)
  102. You Left Me
  103. Ain't It Good
  104. Howdy Podner
  105. Stack and Billy
  106. Would You
  107. Margie
  108. Hands across the Table
  109. When the Saints Go Marching in
  110. Ida Jane
  111. Lil Liza Jane
  112. I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Some Day
  113. I Want to Walk You Home
  114. I've Been Around (Bonus Track)
  115. I'm Ready (Bonus Track)
  116. Telling Lies (Bonus Track)
  117. Country Boy (Bonus Track)
  118. Jambalaya (Bonus Track)
  119. Birds and Bees (Bonus Track)
  120. Teen Age Love (Bonus Track)
  121. I Want to Go Home (Bonus Track)
  122. Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
  123. Three Nights a Week
  124. Shurah
  125. Rising Sun
  126. My Girl Josephine
  127. The Sheik of Araby
  128. Walking to New Orleans
  129. Don't Come Knockin'
  130. Magic Isles
  131. You Always Hurt the One You Love
  132. It's the Talk of the Town
  133. Natural Born Lover
  134. My Real Name (Bonus Track)
  135. Dance with Mister Domino (Bonus Track)
  136. Nothing New (Just the Same Old Thing) (Bonus Track)
  137. Did You Ever See a Dream Walking (Bonus Track)
  138. Stop the Clock (Bonus Track)
  139. Wishing Ring (Bonus Track)
  140. Hum Diddy Doo (Bonus Track)
  141. Those Eyes (Bonus Track)
  142. I Miss You So
  143. It Keeps Raining
  144. Aint That Just Like a Woman
  145. Once in a While
  146. I Hear You Knocking
  147. Isle of Capri
  148. What a Price
  149. When I Was Young
  150. Fell in Love on Monday
  151. My Bleeding Heart
  152. Easter Parade
  153. I'll Always Be In Love with You
  154. Along the Navajo Trail
  155. You Win Again
  156. One Night
  157. I'm Alone Because I Love You
  158. Won't You Come On Back
  159. Trouble Blues
  160. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
  161. Good Hearted Man
  162. Your Cheating Heart
  163. Let the Four Winds Blow
  164. In a Shanty in Old Shanty Town
  165. Am I Blue
  166. Did You Ever See a Dream Walking
  167. Rockin' Bicycle
  168. Before I Grow Too Old
  169. Ain't Gonna Do It
  170. Bad Luck and Trouble
  171. Hold Hands
  172. Trouble in Mind
  173. Coquette
  174. What a Party
  175. I Just Cry
  176. I've Been Calling
  177. Tell Me That You Love Me
  178. Twistin' the Spots
  179. The Twist Set Me Free
  180. I Know
  181. Every Night
  182. Town Talk
  183. Wait and See
  184. Twistin' the Stomp
  185. Don't Decieve Me
  186. A Long Way from Home
  187. The Girl I Know
  188. Do You Know How It Means To Miss New Orleans
  189. South of the Border
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