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Milestones of a Blues Legend - 10 Original Albums

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Milestones of a Blues Legend - 10 Original Albums
Milestones of a Blues Legend - 10 Original Albums


10 CD set containing ten original albums plus bonus tracks by the blues legend B.B. King. It's a unique collection of hits and rarities from 1949 to 1962. The rare LP 'Twist with B.B. King' is appearing here for the first time on CD.


  1. Name
  2. Please Love Me
  3. You Upset Me Baby
  4. Everyday I Have the Blues
  5. Bad Luck
  6. Three O'Clock Blues
  7. Blind Love
  8. Woke Up This Morning
  9. You Know I Love You
  10. Sweet Little Angel
  11. Ten Long Years
  12. Did You Ever Love a Woman
  13. Crying Won't Help You
  14. Miss Martha King (Bonus Track)
  15. When Your Baby Packs Up And Goes (Bonus Track)
  16. Got the Blues (Bonus Track)
  17. Take a Swing with Me (Bonus Track)
  18. B. B. Boogie (Bonus Track)
  19. Mistreated Woman (Bonus Track)
  20. The Other Night Blues (Bonus Track)
  21. My Baby's Gone (Bonus Track)
  22. Why Do Everything Happen to Me
  23. Ruby Lee
  24. When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer
  25. Past Day (Don't Have to Cry)
  26. Boogie Woogie Woman
  27. Early In the Morning
  28. I Want to Get Married
  29. That Ain't the Way to Do It
  30. Troubles, Troubles, Troubles
  31. Don't You Want a Man like Me
  32. You Know I Go For You
  33. What Can I Do
  34. She's A Mean Woman (Bonus Track)
  35. B. B. Blues (Bonus Track)
  36. She's Dynamite (Bonus Track)
  37. Shake It Up and Go (Bonus Track)
  38. Someday, Somewhere (Bonus Track)
  39. You Didn't Want Me (Bonus Track)
  40. Fine Looking Woman (Bonus Track)
  41. Sweet Thing
  42. I've Got Papers on You Baby
  43. Tomorrow Is another Day
  44. Come by Here
  45. The Fool
  46. I Love You So
  47. The Woman I Love
  48. We Can't Make It
  49. Treat Me Right
  50. Time to Say Goodbye
  51. Story from My Heart and Soul (Bonus Track)
  52. She Don't Move Me No More (Bonus Track)
  53. My Own Fault, Darling (Bonus Track)
  54. Gotta Find My Baby (Bonus Track)
  55. Highway Bound (Bonus Track)
  56. Please Hurry Home (Bonus Track)
  57. Neighbourhood Affair (Bonus Track)
  58. Why Did You Leave Me (Bonus Track)
  59. The Woman I Love (Bonus Track)
  60. Whole Lotta Love (Bonus Track)
  61. Precious Lord
  62. Save a Seat for Me
  63. Ole Time Religion
  64. Sweet Chariot
  65. Servant's Prayer
  66. Jesus Gave Me Water
  67. I Never Heard a Man
  68. Army of the Lord
  69. I Am Willing to Run All the Way
  70. I'm Working On the Building
  71. Love You Baby (Bonus Track)
  72. Sneakin' Around (Bonus Track)
  73. Bye Bye Baby (Bonus Track)
  74. Praying to the Lord (Bonus Track)
  75. Everything I Do Is Wrong (Bonus Track)
  76. Please Help Me (Bonus Track)
  77. Don't You Want a Man like Me (Bonus Track)
  78. I'm in Love (Bonus Track)
  79. Cottontail
  80. Solitude
  81. Jack the Bear
  82. Sophisticated Lady
  83. Jeeps Blues
  84. Take the A Train
  85. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
  86. Main Stem
  87. Mood Indigo
  88. Eastside Westside
  89. Jump with You Baby (Bonus Track)
  90. Lonely and Blue (Bonus Track)
  91. Sixteen Tons (Bonus Track)
  92. Talkin' the Blues (Bonus Track)
  93. I'm Cracking Up Over You (Bonus Track)
  94. Bim Bam (Bonus Track)
  95. On My Word of Honor (Bonus Track)
  96. Can't We Talk It over (Bonus Track)
  97. I've Got a Right to Love My Baby
  98. What Way to Go
  99. Long Nights
  100. Feel like A Million
  101. I'll Survive
  102. Good Man Gone Bad
  103. If I Lost You
  104. You're on the Top
  105. Partin' Time
  106. I'm King
  107. The Key to My Kingdom (Bonus Track)
  108. Be Careful With a Fool (Bonus Track)
  109. You Don't Know (Bonus Track)
  110. I Wonder (Bonus Track)
  111. I Need You So Bad (Bonus Track)
  112. Days Of Old (Bonus Track)
  113. Please Accept My Love (Bonus Track)
  114. Don't Look Now, But I've Got the Blues (Bonus Track)
  115. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
  116. Mr. Pawn Broker
  117. Understand
  118. Someday Baby
  119. Driving Wheel
  120. Walking Doctor Bill
  121. My Own Fault, Baby
  122. Catfish Blues
  123. Hold That Train
  124. Please Set the Date
  125. Boogie Rock (Bonus Track)
  126. I Am (Bonus Track)
  127. Worry, Worry, Worry (Bonus Track)
  128. Hard Working Woman (Bonus Track)
  129. Walkin' and Cryin' (Bonus Track)
  130. Dark Is the Night Part I (Bonus Track)
  131. Dark Is the Night Part II (Bonus Track)
  132. Bad Case of Love
  133. Get Out of Here
  134. Bad Luck Soul
  135. Shut Your Mouth
  136. Baby Look at You
  137. You're Breaking My Heart
  138. My Reward
  139. Don't Cry Anymore
  140. Blues for Me
  141. (Ain't That) Just Like a Woman
  142. Things Are Not the Same (Bonus Track)
  143. Sugar Mama (Bonus Track)
  144. A Lonely Lover's Plea (Bonus Track)
  145. Yes Indeed (Bonus Track)
  146. Bad Luck Blues (Bonus Track)
  147. It's My Own Fault (Bonus Track)
  148. Please Love Me (Bonus Track)
  149. Everyday I Have the Blues (Bonus Track)
  150. Easy Listening Blues
  151. Blues for Me
  152. Night Long
  153. Confessin' the
  154. Don't Touch
  155. Slow Walk
  156. Walkin'
  157. Hully Gully
  158. Shoutin' the Blues
  159. Rambler
  160. Sweet Sixteen Part I (Bonus Track)
  161. Sweet Sixteen Part II (Bonus Track)
  162. I Was Blind (Bonus Track)
  163. You've Been an Angel (Bonus Track)
  164. Let's Do the Boogie (Bonus Track)
  165. I'm Gonna Quit My Baby (Bonus Track)
  166. Some Day Somewhere (Bonus Track)
  167. Mean Old Frisco (Bonus Track)
  168. You Upset Me Baby
  169. Woke Up This Morning
  170. Please Love Me
  171. Bad Case of Love
  172. Groovin' Twist
  173. Bad Luck Soul
  174. Do What I Say
  175. Rockin' Twist
  176. Come by Here
  177. Oh Baby
  178. Days Of Old (Bonus Track)
  179. You've Been an Angel (Bonus Track)
  180. Someday Somewhere (Bonus Track)
  181. Peace of Mind (Bonus Track)
  182. My Sometime Baby (Bonus Track)
  183. Gonna Miss You around Here (Bonus Track)
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