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Stab Wounds (Re-issue 2019)

Long Play Vinyl
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Gate Fold Vinyl
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Formed in the Bavarian foothills anno 1994, German black metal act DARK FORTRESS have established themselves in the top ranks of the genre with fascinating full-length masterpieces that meet the standard created mostly in northern Europe's prolific scenes with ease. Like their black metal peers across Europe, the Germans were a product of a historically mystical environment-imbued consciously or not-and a ritualistically inspired musical movement, and fans, eager to experience their otherworldly din, poured unwavering praise on debut album, "Tales from Eternal Dusk". For the past two decades, DARK FORTRESS have gone from strength to strength. When the second wave of black metal had grotesquely clawed out of the grave and into the unforgiving light, DARK FORTRESS benefitted from the rotten fruits of right place and right time. Across seven full-lengths, the Landshut-based group stretched the boundaries of black metal, while remaining pure to the tenets of a genre that pivoted (and continues to do so) solely around the axis of the dark and all that resides hideously inside of it.But right now, in 2019, it is time to look back at the very beginnings of this ambitious band by releasing a new edition of 2004's legendary "Stab Wounds" album on vinyl, CD and digital platforms. Former vocalist Azathoth explains: "When I wrote the lyrics to the "Stab Wounds" album I started to realize, that we all live alone and we all die alone. All that long before, what they nowadays call "Depressive Suicidal Black Metal". Back then there were only a few bands around with lyrics and messages like we had on "Stab Wounds". It felt like the beginning of a new era - not only for DARK FORTRESS, but also for Black Metal. The intention behind was never something cheesy Gothic/Emo, since I simply can't stand shit like that. When I wrote the lyrics for "Stab Wounds" I felt like I was the rotten and dark side of the mirror for humanity. Already at that time, "Stab Wounds" was the most authentic and best DARK FORTRESS album to me."Due to V. San


  1. Name
  2. Iconoclasm Omega
  3. Self Mutilation
  4. Stab Wounds
  5. When 1000 Crypts Awake
  6. Despise the "Living"
  7. A Midnight Poem
  8. Rest in Oblivion
  9. Vanitas... No Horizons
  10. Like a Somnambulist in Daylight's Fire
  11. Sleep!
  12. Endtime
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