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The Treasury Shows Volume 6

Compact Disc (Audio)
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The Treasury Shows Volume 6
The Treasury Shows Volume 6


The 48 tracks on this double CD are rare radio broadcast performances from the Spring and Fall of 1945, made at theatres and military installations in the eastern and mid-western U.S., where DUKE ELLINGTON was not only out to please his audience butalso to raise money for the war effort by selling bonds via these radio broadcasts. The repertoire is mostly Ellington hits from the 40s, plus some from the 30s - all tailored to please the live audience as well as the radio audience. The genre is solid Ellington swing, including some dance tunes, while the many vocals included here (mainly by JOYA SHERILL) gave consolation to the audience during the war years. As is normally the case with Duke, even though one has heard the same tune many times, it is performed completely differently each time so that one never tires of hearing it. Thoroughly re-mastered, this excellent set showcases Ellington in his prime.


  1. Name
  2. (Opening Theme) Take The 'A' Train
  3. (Back Home Again In) Indiana
  4. Blue Serge
  5. Ellington Bond Promo
  6. The Wish I Wish Tonight
  7. Jumpin' Punkins
  8. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
  9. Ellington Bond Promo
  10. Cotton Tail
  11. (Theme) Take The 'A' Train Into Station Break
  12. (Broadcast Return Into) New World A Comin'
  13. I'm Beginning To See The Light (Into Ellington Bond Promo)
  14. Johnny Come Lately
  15. Yesterdays
  16. Let The Zoomers Drool
  17. Ellington Bond Promo
  18. Boy Meets Horn (Into Broadcast Close)
  19. (Theme) Things Ain't What They Used To Be
  20. In A Mellotone
  21. The Wonder Of You
  22. Riff'n Drill
  23. The Last Time I Saw You
  24. How Deep Is The Ocean
  25. Riff Staccato
  26. Every Hour On The Hour
  27. Harlem Air Shaft
  28. (Theme) Take The 'A' Train (Into Broadcast Close)
  29. (Opening Theme) Take The 'A' Train
  30. Jump For Joy
  31. All At Once
  32. Ellington Bond Promo
  33. Ko Ko
  34. I Should Care
  35. Go Away Blues
  36. Tootin' Through The Roof
  37. Every Hour On The Hour
  38. I'm Beginning To See The Light (Into Ellington Bond Promo Ending With) I'm Beginning To See The Ligh
  39. (Theme) Take The 'A' Train (Into Station Break)
  40. (Theme) Take The 'A' Train (And Broadcast Return)
  41. Blue Belles Of Harlem
  42. Body And Soul (And Ellington Bond Promo)
  43. The More I See You
  44. Band Fanfare
  45. What Am I Here For?
  46. Warm Valley
  47. Ellington Bond Promo
  48. Stompy Jones
  49. (Theme) Take The 'A' Train (Into Broadcast Close)
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