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Adventures In Sound

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Adventures In Sound
Adventures In Sound


.'Stockhausen's influence has been enormous. He invented a new kind of relationship between music's components. He has changed our view of musical time and form.' Pierre Boulez.Something truly radical happened to the European classical music tradition in the years after the Second World War. At a time when the revolutionary principle of 12-tone composition instigated by Schoenberg was beginning to be regarded among young composers as passe, some had witnessed the horrors of war and for them in particular, the need to make a definitive break with the past and the conventions and conflicts which sprang from it was paramount..Across Europe, composers like the young German Karlheinz Stockhausen, the Romanian-born architect Iannis Xenakis, and the Frenchmen Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry were among those who began to seek out new ways of organising sound. Some looked to science for inspiration. If, to society at large its logic held out the promise of a new civilisation unsullied by such dark forces as nationalism; might it not do the same for the arts?.These composers constructed their music according to differing philosophies, systems, formulae and beliefs. What they had in common was a hunger for new sounds and soundscapes that might celebrate the rejuvenation of civilisation and point to a future where war had no place..No composer had a greater appetite for revolution than Stockhausen, who was embarking on a quest that would occupy him for more than half a century, and which would take in a whole gamut of constantly re-defined objectives - among them "point music", "spatial music" and "multi-formula composition". His early electronic compositions such as the Studies were painstakingly and meticulously constructed using magnetic tape, to be followed over the ensuing decade by the works which ranked among the masterpieces of electronic music, Gesang der Junglinge (Song of the Youths) and Kontakte (Contacts)..All of these unprecedented early electronic works are included in this 3 CD box set prese


  1. Name
  2. Ãtude Aux Chemins De Fer
  3. Ãtude Aux Tourniquets
  4. Ãtude Violette
  5. Ãtude Noire
  6. PathÃtique
  7. Studie Nr. 1
  8. Studie Nr. 2
  9. Gesang Der JÃnglinge
  10. Diamorphoses
  11. Concret Ph
  12. PoÃme Ãlectronique
  13. Voile D'orphÃe (Veil Of Orpheus)
  14. Ãtude ConcrÃte
  15. Nr. 5 Zeitmasse (Time-Measures) For Five Woodwinds
  16. Avant "L'artisanat Furieux"
  17. Commentaire I De "Bourreaux De Solitude"
  18. "L'artisanat Furieux"
  19. Commentaire II De "Bourreaux De Solitude"
  20. "Bel Edifice Et Les Pressentiments", Version Premiere
  21. "Bourreaux De Solitude"
  22. Apres "L'artisanat Furieux"
  23. Commentaire III De "Bourreaux De Solitude"
  24. "Bel Edifice Et Les Pressentiments" Double
  25. Kontra-Punkte
  26. Zyklus
  27. Refrain
  28. Kontakte (Contacts) (For Electronic Sounds)
  29. Orient-Occident
  30. Artikulation
  31. Cartridge Music
  32. Aria With Fontana Mix
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