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The Legendary Bill Evans Trio (3CD Set)

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Five albums in a three-disc Box Set featuring the legendary Bill Evans "Bill had this quiet fire that I loved on piano. The way he approached it, the sound he got was like crystal notes or sparkling water cascading down from some clear waterfall." Miles Davis Bill Evans co-wrote 'Kind Of Blue' with Miles Davis and is regarded by many as the most influential jazz pianist of his generation. The trio he formed in 1959 with the brilliant, ill-fated young bassist Scott LaFaro and drummer Paul Motion is surely as fine as any in jazz history. This three-disc box set edition comprises almost everything this Evans trio recorded; The two miraculous studio albums, 'Portrait In Jazz' and 'Explorations'; the intimate live sets recorded in New York in the summer of 1961, 'Sunday Night At The Village Vanguard' and 'Waltz For Debby'. These masterpieces are complimented by the Birdland sessions - an earlier musical document of the trio in an authentic club setting - with disc three completed by the their first recordings together, with the jazz clarinettist Tony Scott; for the album 'Sung Heroes', his homages to Billie Holiday and the trumpeter "Hot Lips" Page. The Canadian journalist Gene Lees was a close friend of Evans: "Bill wanted it to be a three- way colloquy, rather than pianist-accompanied-by-rhythm-section. And it was. LaFaro, still in his early twenties, had developed bass playing to a new level of facility. He had a gorgeous tone and unflagging melodicism. Motian, Armenian by background, had since childhood been steeped in a music of complex time figures and was able to feed his companions patterns of polyrhythm that delighted them both. "Pianists waited for their albums to come out almost the way people gather at street-corners in New York on Saturday night to get the Sunday Times: 'Portrait In Jazz', 'Explorations', and then, 'Waltz For Debby' and 'Sunday At The Village Vanguard', derived from afternoon and evening sessions recorded live on June 25, 1961. These albums alone, if Bill had never recorded anything else, would have secured his position in jazz." Evans' biographer, Peter Pettinger, on the Village Vanguard site: "The fruits of the group's imagination that day continue to reward repeated hearings and to renew the listener's mental and emotional stamina. Each piece occupies its own crystalline world of magic. This legacy has been called Bill Evans's finest hour, and few would disagree For depth of feeling, in-group affinity, and beauty of conception with a pliant touch, these records will be forever peerless."


  1. Name
  2. Come Rain Or Come Shine
  3. Autumn Leaves
  4. Witchcraft
  5. When I Fall In Love
  6. Peri's Scope
  7. What Is This Thing Called Love?
  8. Spring Is Here
  9. Someday My Prince Will Come
  10. Blue In Green
  11. Israel
  12. Haunted Heart
  13. Beautiful Love
  14. Elsa
  15. Nardis
  16. How Deep Is The Ocean?
  17. I Wish I Knew
  18. Sweet And Lovely
  19. Gloria's Step (Take 2)
  20. My Man's Gone Now
  21. Solar
  22. Alice in Wonderland (Take 2)
  23. All of You (Take 2)
  24. Jade Visions (Take 2)
  25. My Foolish Heart
  26. Waltz for Debby (take 2)
  27. Detour Ahead (take 2)
  28. My Romance (take 1)
  29. Some Other Time
  30. Milestones
  31. Autumn Leaves
  32. Our Delight
  33. Beautiful Love / Five (Closing Time)
  34. Autumn Leaves
  35. Come Rain Or Come Shine / Five (Closing Theme)
  36. Come Rain Or Come Shine
  37. Nardis
  38. Blue In Green
  39. Autumn Leaves
  40. All Of You
  41. Come Rain Or Come Shine
  42. Speak Low
  43. Misery (for Lady Day)
  44. Requiem for Hot Lips Page
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