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French Sonatas For Harpsichord & Violin

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French Sonatas For Harpsichord & Violin
French Sonatas For Harpsichord & Violin


WORLD PREMIERE RECORDINGS In 1740, with the op. 4 of Jean-Joseph Cassanéa de Mondonville, a new genre appeared on the scene in France, a genre that was to fundamentally overturn the relationship to the harpsichord until then a continuo instrument when it was not playing alone: the Pièces de clavecin en sonates avec accompagnement de violon. Contrary to what the title might suggest, the two instruments engage in a dialogue as equals. Unknowingly, Mondonville imitated the Sei Suonate à Cembalo certato e Violino solo that Bach had composed ten years earlier. Moreover, he introduced a thoroughly Italian flavour certainly an echo of the concertos by Corelli and Vivadli that at the time were often heard at the Concert Spirituel. The following decade then experienced a veritable rage for this form: Corrette, Guillemain, Balbastre, and others put their visions of the theme on paper each in a very personal manner. The "Dream Team" (Early Music Review), made up of the two indefatigable researchers Philippe Grisvard and Johannes Pramsohler, has rediscovered this neglected part of the violin-harpsichord repertoire and now presents a captivating selection of the genre's best works in world premiere recordings on an opulent double CD. * world premiere recordings


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  2. Jean-Joseph Cassanéa De Mondonville: Sonate Op.3, No.1 En Sol Mineur
  3. Louis-Gabriel Guillemain: Sonate Op.8, No.5 En Ré Majeur*
  4. Claude Balbastre: Sonate I En Sol Majeur
  5. Louis-Gabriel Guillemain: Sonate Op.8, No.6 En Sol Mineur *
  6. Charles-François Clément: Sonate No.1 En Do Mineur *
  7. Jacques Duphly: Suite En Sol Majeur
  8. Jean-Joseph Cassanéa De Mondonville Sonate Op.3, No.6 En La Majeur
  9. Michel Corrette: Sonate Op.25, No.4 En Mi Mineur
  10. Louis-Gabriel Guillemain: Sonate Op.8, No.4 En Do Mineur *
  11. Luc Marchand: Suite Op.1, No.1 En La Mineur *
  12. Jacques Duphly: Suite En Fa Majeur
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