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The Albums 1981-84: 5CD Boxset

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The Albums 1981-84: 5CD Boxset
The Albums 1981-84: 5CD Boxset


  • 73 track, five CD round up of all of Punk legends Vice Squad’s recordings between 1981-84.


  • Disc One is debut album “No Cause For Concern” which reached No.32 in the UK Album Charts back in 1981.


  • The second disc contains the No.47 charting “Stand Strong Stand Proud” album which features the single of the same name and now something of an anthem for the whole UK/82 Punk movement.


  • The band’s third album “Shot Away” is on Disc Three and is the only one they did with vocalist Lia. Contains the classic single ‘You’ll Never Know’.


  • Disc Four, titled “Odds N Squads” rounds up 25 non LP tracks from the era. Includes the Indie Chart hits ‘Last Rockers’ (No.7), ‘Resurrection’ (No.4), ‘Black Sheep’ (No.13) and ‘Teenage Rampage’ (No.44) as well as No.68 National Chart hit ‘Out Of Reach’.


  • The fifth and final disc is a 12 track In Concert, “Live And Loud!!” - recorded in 1982 on their successful debut tour of America.


  • The clamshell box contains a 16 page booklet featuring liner notes, pictures of all the relevant records and lots of clippings and memorabilia from the era.


  • Vocalist Beki Bondage still leads a version of the band to this day and is a regular and popular addition to the main Punk Festivals across the globe such as REBELLION in Blackpool where they played on August 4th. Other up and coming shows include:


August 23                              Sheffield, The Mulberry

August 31                              Northampton, Roadmenders

September 21                       London, The 229

October 4                              Brighton, Prince Albert

October 6    


  1. Name
  2. Young Blood
  3. Coward
  4. Nothing
  5. Summer Fashion
  6. 1981
  7. Saturday Night Special
  8. Offering
  9. The Times They Are A Changing
  10. Evil
  11. Angry Youth
  12. Its A Sell-Out
  13. Still Dying
  14. Last Rockers
  15. Stand Strong Stand Proud
  16. Humane
  17. Cheap
  18. Gutterchild
  19. Rock N Roll Massacre
  20. Fistful Of Dollars
  21. Freedom Begins At Home
  22. Out Of Reach
  23. Saviour Machine
  24. No Right Of Reply
  25. Deathwish
  26. Propaganda
  27. New Blood
  28. Take It Or Leave It
  29. Out In The Cold
  30. Nowhere To Hide
  31. Youll Never Know
  32. Rebels And Kings
  33. Playground
  34. The Rest Of Your Life
  35. Whats Going On?
  36. Killing Time
  37. Teenage Rampage
  38. Nothing (Avon Calling Version)
  39. Living On Dreams
  40. Latex Love
  41. Last Rockers (Single Version)
  42. Resurrection
  43. Young Blood (Single Version)
  44. Humane (Single Version)
  45. Coward
  46. Its A Sell Out
  47. (So) What For The 80s? (Demo)
  48. Sterile (Demo)
  49. Out Of Reach (Demo)
  50. (So) What For The 80s?
  51. Sterile
  52. Out Of Reach (Single Version)
  53. Tomorrows Soldier
  54. Darkest Hour
  55. Citizen
  56. Scarred For Life
  57. Faceless Men
  58. Black Sheep
  59. New Blood (Plus Version)
  60. The Pledge
  61. The Times They Are A-Changin (New Version)
  62. High Spirits
  63. Coward
  64. Rock N Roll Massacre
  65. Angry Youth
  66. Evil
  67. Living On Dreams
  68. Stand Strong Stand Proud
  69. Humane
  70. Latex Love
  71. Last Rockers
  72. Out Of Reach
  73. E.M.I.
  74. Upright Citizen
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