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Riot City - Complete Singles Collection (4CD)

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Fat Double (a 2.5cm thick jewel case, fits several
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  • Following on from the success of the recent “No Future Complete Singles Collection”, Captain Oi! proudly presents the “Riot City Complete Singles Collection”, a 4 CD capacity wallet round up of every single, single (!) issued by the seminal early 80’s Punk label.
  • 118 tracks are spread across the four discs – of the 33 singles issued by the label 27 made the then important Independent Chart.
  • Vice Squad drummer and co-label founder Shane Baldwin has provided in-depth liner notes on the story of the label that did so much to establish the “UK/82” Punk sound.
  • Each release has its original sleeve illustrated and now comes with line up and chart position information added. Many of these releases are now highly prized items on the Punk collector’s scene.
  • The rare “Riotous Assembly” compilation that Riot City issued in 1982 and which contained 15 tracks unique to the release at the time is added as a bonus.
  • We expect this release to do as well if not better than the “No Future” one and receive positive reviews in both the on-line and print music media.


  1. Name
  2. Last Rockers Vice Squad
  3. Living On Dreams Vice Squad
  4. Latex Love Vice Squad
  5. Resurrection Vice Squad
  6. Young Blood Vice Squad
  7. Humane Vice Squad
  8. Politics The Insane
  9. Dead And Gone The Insane
  10. Last Day The Insane
  11. Vicious Circle Abrasive Wheels
  12. Attack Abrasive Wheels
  13. Voice Of Youth Abrasive Wheels
  14. Got To Get Out Court Martial
  15. Fight For Your Life Court Martial
  16. Young Offenders Court Martial
  17. 4 Minute Warning Chaos U.K.
  18. Kill Your Baby Chaos U.K.
  19. Army Chaos U.K.
  20. Victimised Chaos U.K.
  21. Its Corruption The Undead
  22. Undead The Undead
  23. Dreaming The Expelled
  24. No Life No Future The Expelled
  25. What Justice? The Expelled
  26. Army Song Abrasive Wheels
  27. Juvenile Abrasive Wheels
  28. So Slow Abrasive Wheels
  29. Fuck The World Chaotic Dischord
  30. Youre Gonna Die Chaotic Dischord
  31. Sold Out To The G.P.O. Chaotic Dischord
  32. No Solution Court Martial
  33. Too Late Court Martial
  34. Take Control Court Martial
  35. No Security Chaos U.K.
  36. What About The Future Chaos U.K.
  37. Hypocrite Chaos U.K.
  38. Dogs Body Mayhem
  39. Street Fight Mayhem
  40. Blood Money Mayhem
  41. Patriots Mayhem
  42. Have You Got 10p? The Ejected
  43. Class Of 82 The Ejected
  44. One Of The Boys The Ejected
  45. Dead Revolution The Undead
  46. This Place Is Burning The Undead
  47. Burn Em Down Abrasive Wheels
  48. Urban Rebel Abrasive Wheels
  49. Government Policy The Expelled
  50. Make It Alone The Expelled
  51. Nottingham Problem Resistance 77
  52. Join The Army Resistance 77
  53. Collars And Ties Resistance 77
  54. Nuclear Attack Resistance 77
  55. Fast N Loud The Ejected
  56. I Dont Care The Ejected
  57. What Happened In Brighton The Ejected
  58. Sadist Dream No Choice
  59. Nuclear Disaster No Choice
  60. Cream Of The Crop No Choice
  61. Points Of View Emergency
  62. City Fun Emergency
  63. Does Anybody Realise? Emergency
  64. Never Trust A Friend Chaotic Dischord
  65. Are Studentys Safe? Chaotic Dischord
  66. Popstars Chaotic Dischord
  67. Back On The Piss Again Sex Aids
  68. The Amazing Mr. Michael Hogarth Sex Aids
  69. We Are The Road Crew Sex Aids
  70. Gentle Murder Mayhem
  71. (Your Face Fits) Lie And Die Mayhem
  72. Clean Cut Mayhem
  73. Crime For Revenge Ultra Violent
  74. Where Angels Dare Not Tread Ultra Violent
  75. Dead Generation Ultra Violent
  76. East Of Dachau The Underdogs
  77. Johnny Go Home The Underdogs
  78. Dead Soldier The Underdogs
  79. Die For Your Government- The Varukers
  80. All Systems Fail The Varukers
  81. Russians The Ejected
  82. 24 Years The Ejected
  83. In The City The Ejected
  84. Led To The Slaughter The Varukers
  85. The End Is Nigh The Varukers
  86. Youre Dead The Varukers
  87. Public Animal No.1 The Ejected
  88. Generation Landslide The Ejected
  89. Rock Star The Ejected
  90. Rock & Roll Swindle Chaotic Dischord
  91. Dont Throw It All Away Chaotic Dischord
  92. Stab Your Back Chaotic Dischord
  93. Sausage Beans & Chips Chaotic Dischord
  94. Who Killed Et? Chaotic Dischord
  95. 22 Hole Doc Martens Chaotic Dischord
  96. Anarchy In Woolworths Chaotic Dischord
  97. Batcave Benders Meet Alien Durex Machine Chaotic Dischord
  98. Another Religion Another War The Varukers
  99. No Escape The Varukers
  100. Condemned To Death The Varukers
  101. The Last War The Varukers
  102. Who Pays The Varukers
  103. Neglected The Varukers
  104. Deadly Games The Varukers
  105. Seek Shelter In Hell The Varukers
  106. Coward Vice Squad
  107. Mary Whitehouse Organized Chaos
  108. Criminal Youth Abrasive Wheels
  109. Your War Court Martial
  110. Senseless Conflict Chaos U.K.
  111. Fun Wars Dead Katss
  112. Bricks In Brixton Resistance 77
  113. Where Does Our Money Go Havoc
  114. Its A Sell Out Vice Squad
  115. Psycho Mayhem
  116. Blown Away The Expelled
  117. T.D.A. T.D.A.
  118. Sanctuary The Undead
  119. British Man Lunatic Fringe
  120. Accident Chaotic Dischord
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