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Voci Ancestrali Dalla Sardegna

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Voci Ancestrali Dalla Sardegna
Voci Ancestrali Dalla Sardegna


For several decades now, the excellence of Sardinian tenor singing has a name: Tenores di Bitti. This dvd, Ancestral Voices, is dedicated to the group that made history in this fascinating field of male polyphony. There are few works that address this topic, but it certainly lacked a film that would document extensively this age-old vocal style. This is the first product of its kind on the market and it fills a void difficult to explain. The DVD is divided into two parts. The first part is a live recording of the Tenores Di Bitti in concert in Turin (50 minutes) showing their vocal art and the variety of their repertoire, which includes serenades, traditional dances, satirical songs, poetry and religious hymns. The second part consists of a series of interviews with the members of the group carried out in Sardinia (45 minutes). Each component in turn explains us the origins of this ancestral song, the characteristics of their voices and the techniques used to harmonize in the choir. This DVD takes us through the discovery and understanding of one of the most fascinating phenomena and ancient Mediterranean voice, a singing style that has been declared by UNESCO as "Intangible Heritage of Humanity". Subtitles in English, French and Italian


  1. Name
  2. Un Ojada A Sa Pache
  3. Boche E Notte
  4. S'andira
  5. Sos Muttos
  6. Ballu Dillu
  7. Battos Turritas E Unu Caddone
  8. Angelhos Cantade A Su Vizzu E Maria
  9. Sas Grobbes De Sánnunziada
  10. Ballu Lestru
  11. Il Canto A Tenore/ Tenore Singing
  12. Le Voci/ The Voices
  13. Il Repertorio/ The Repertoire
  14. Imparare A Cantare/ Learning To Sing
  15. La Storia Dei Tenores Di Bitti/ The Story Of Tenores Di Bitti
  16. La Scuola Di Tenore/ The School Of Tenore
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