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Alcopop! & Dog Knights Product

Long Play Vinyl
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Alcopop! & Dog Knights Product
Alcopop! & Dog Knights Product


Forming a loose natural group of friends and acquaintances with a mutual respect of each other's musical output, 4 bands hit the studio and came back with something rather special. Johnny Foreigner (back with their first material since 2014's breathtaking fourth album You Can Do Better), Playlounge (fresh from teaming up with Nai Harvest for last year's coolest shaped record), Doe (who recently teamed up with indie legends Fierce Panda to release megahit single Avalanche / Basement) and Doctrines (with their first release since 2013's mesmeric ANX ribena-purple 12" album) have all crafted 2 exclusive songs for the record And it's as good as anything you'll have in your record collection. Adding a touch of 70's Scandinavian furniture from a long-forgotten catalogue purchased in a charity shop, artist Lewes Herriot pulled together chintzy interiors that suited each band, and created some simply wonderful artwork - that (sort of) sum up each artist, in a decorating fashion at least. Jack from Alcopop! Records said "We've been wanting to do something ace with Dog Knights Productions for some time - and as we're all massive vinyl nerds it just HAD to be a pretty record...And the chance to work with 4 of our favourite bands on such fresh new material was really exciting. And some of the original scando-artwork hidden inside some of the copies."


  1. Name
  2. Doe - No Wonder
  3. Doctrines - Melt
  4. Johnny Foreigner - All Yr Favourite Bands Are Dead
  5. Playlounge - Dukowski
  6. Johnny Foreigner - Flooding
  7. Playlounge - A-OK
  8. Doctrines - Second City
  9. Doe - This Isn't Home
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