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Django (Limited Edition. Gold colour Vinyl)

Long Play Vinyl
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Gate Fold Vinyl
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Django (Limited Edition. Gold colour Vinyl)
Django (Limited Edition. Gold colour Vinyl)


In 1966 the 'spaghetti western' genre was re-worked once again by Sergio Corbucci's "Django" - a director with an impressive average of 2-3 films per year. The settings change, with sand replaced by mud, and the protagonist, rather than moving on horseback, walks through wilderness dragging a coffin which hides something mysterious. As Leone chose Eastwood, so Luis chose the unknown Franco Nero as the hero. These and other factors made

"Django" an absolute cult, that gave way to a long series of sequels and that in recent times has been repeatedly honoured at several levels (not only movies but also comics, music, cartoons...). Among the most recent contributions we have Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained": not only was the original theme used in its soundtrack, but the film has an exceptional appearance of Franco Nero in the flesh!

Perfect accompaniment to the muddy, cynical and gloomy scenarios, is Luis Bacalov's music, an Argentine conductor well known to Italian progressive rock fans, since he worked with New Trolls, Osanna and Il Rovescio della Medaglia. The main "Django" theme is chilling even today, almost 50 years since its conception; it was recorded in two versions, one sung in Italian (by Roberto Fia) and the other in English (by Rocky Roberts), but only the first was released as a 45rpm at the time, while the second, along with several other tracks, was revived for the first time in 1985.

This reissue of the original score consists of 24 tracks, selected and enclosed in a beautiful gatefold package with new artwork, liner notes and a 30x30cm mini-poster with vintage flyers and lobby cards.


  1. Name
  2. Django (main Titles Song)
  3. .Town Of Silence
  4. Fango Giallo
  5. Blue Dark Waltz
  6. Fruscii Notturni
  7. Django (suspence)
  8. La Corsa8.Django (waiting)
  9. Django (love Moment)
  10. Vamonos Muchachos
  11. Espera Y Ataque
  12. La Corsa (2nd Version)
  13. Vamonos Muchachos (2nd Version)14.Vals De Juana Yimena
  14. Django (mariachi #2)
  15. Django (mariachi #3)
  16. Town Of Silence (2nd Version)
  17. Corrido (with Vocal)
  18. La Corsa (3rd Version)
  19. Espera Y Ataque (2nd Version)
  20. Django (rage)
  21. Duello Nel Fango
  22. Preludio (solo Armonium/the Cemetery Scene Unused Take)
  23. Django (instrumental Version - Unused)
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