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Leave The Bones

Long Play Vinyl
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Leave The Bones
Leave The Bones


Albums often try to evoke a time and place, few manage to do that with such startling effect as the unlikely collaboration, Leave the Bones, between the multi-generational Haitian band Lakou Mizik, and Grammy-winning electronic music artist Joseph Ray."Haiti'' is a word that conjures up a lot of images, it is a country judged by many, most of whom have never set foot on its shores. But its history is rich, its people proud and defiant, and nowhere is that more evident than in its music. Culture is what defines the country - its drums and Vaksins (traditional horns) are symbols of freedom and pride, liberty and struggle, and represent the escapist joy of dancing. Leave the Bones paints a musical portrait, a fresh glimpse of an oft misrepresented country, that through Vodou chants, chest-pounding Rara dance tunes and contemporary protest songs, conveys the listener to Haiti's spiritual heart, a place that remains a compelling mystery for foreigners and a source of pride for every Haitian.Since its inception Lakou Mizik has sought to re-define people's conceptions of Haiti through its music. The nine piece band, formed in 2010, is emblematic of the melting pot that is Haiti's musical culture. Lakou's figurehead, Sanba Zao, one of only ten original Sanba poets left, played a central role in Haiti's Rasin (roots) movement of the 1980s, which sought to re-imagine traditional Haitian Vodou music through radical experimentation with modern instruments. This spirit of Haiti's rich musical history underpins Lakou Mizik today; a multi-generational genre-blending ensemble that plays traditional Haitian music with a punk energy and a deep sense of their heritage. Joseph Ray, a GRAMMY winner and founding member of the pioneering platinum-selling electronic music trio, NERO, had never heard of Lakou when he arrived in Haiti in 2015, having volunteered to teach a course at Haiti's only music production and audio engineering school, the Artist's Institute. Ray stumbled on Lakou at a tiny beach side club in Jakmel; the sce


  1. Name
  2. Sanba Yo Pran Pale
  3. No Rival!
  4. Kite Zo A
  5. Ogou (Pran Ka Mwen)
  6. Night Drums
  7. Lamizè Pa Dous
  8. Zeb Atè
  9. Nou Tout Se Moun
  10. Bade Zile
  11. Boukman O'
  12. Simbi Nan Dlo

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