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Zane Zalis: I Beleive - An Oratorio For Humanity

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Zane Zalis: I Beleive - An Oratorio For Humanity
Zane Zalis: I Beleive - An Oratorio For Humanity


Canadian composer Zane Zalis' Oratorio 'I Believe' is a symphonic contemporary oratorio and has been performed to sell out audiences in Winnipeg, Stuttgart, Toronto and New York and to date has been seen by about 20,000 people. i believe is a concert work about the Holocaust. Using music and words, a story of hate, survival and hope is told from within the minds of the victims and perpetrators. It is a singular large scale work divided into 12 movements using the artistic forces of a symphony orchestra, large mixed chorus, childrens chorus, ensembles, soloists and narrator. The artistic architecture is influenced by a host of sources all in service to capture the essence of a story that needs to be told, in a plea for awareness, understanding and peace. The Holocaust encompasses simultaneously the most depraved human behaviour and the most sublime human behaviour; it is complex and simple; universal and particular. It is not to be forgotten nor should its import be diluted in any manner. The Holocaust is a telling commentary about humanity by humanity and thus it is important and necessary to share this most human story of despair and hope with our communities and especially our youth.


  1. Name
  2. Zane Zallis: I Believe - The Beginning
  3. Why?
  4. Not Wanted
  5. The Children
  6. He Said!
  7. The Directive
  8. Numbers
  9. I Have a Name
  10. Death March
  11. Freedom
  12. What Now?
  13. I Will Remember You / Finale
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