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Something Grand

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Something Grand
Something Grand


Shrimp Boat was a phenomenal band that made music out of Chicago from the mid '80s clear through to 1993. Taking inspiration from bluegrass, jazz, country, rock n roll and most importantly - their own collective gung-ho, their ability to voluminously manifest new song form from the air around them left those exposed awestruck. AUM Fidelity has never been a label for looking back. However, the voluminous joy and sweetest dreams that the music of Shrimp Boat provided was a major impetus in launching the label back in 1997 - pointedly, the promise of eventually manifesting an archival Box Set that would reveal to the world anew the quiet majesty and eternal beauty of their music was burning from the very beginning. In the summer of 2004, this promise was realized with the release of the 4xCD Box Set, Something Grand. As a dessert to this promise, the first-time-on-CD issue of their brilliant debut LP Speckly was arranged for release on AUM Fideilty in Spring 2005.


  1. Name
  2. Rocks Are Oil
  3. Born In A Sour
  4. Bumble Bees
  5. Collecting Me
  6. Only Making Fools
  7. Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy
  8. Mimi
  9. Sourwood Mountain
  10. Melon Song
  11. Pillars Pond
  12. Can You Spare Some Change
  13. I Can't Wait I Cannot
  14. Married In A Fever
  15. Welcome To The Way It Is
  16. Basin Slip
  17. Ollie's Song
  18. 65
  19. Hey Buddy What's Wrong
  20. Light Between Your Knees
  21. Watched Pot
  22. Heart Of The City
  23. London Dew
  24. Wonderful Wonderful
  25. Warzone
  26. You Are My Flower
  27. Sanchez River
  28. Charm Lost
  29. How Sweet She Was
  30. Anne E
  31. Medea Rising
  32. She Ra
  33. Kickball
  34. Fuzzy Tremolo
  35. Limerick Dub
  36. Honeyside
  37. Those Hookers
  38. Truck
  39. Steam
  40. Motorcade
  41. Slave Reel
  42. Shoes
  43. Well I Love My Baby
  44. I Don't Mind The Bums
  45. Weeping Into A Pond
  46. Shrimpcore
  47. I Loves You Porgy
  48. When My Hand Is On The Wheel
  49. Drought Of '43
  50. Columbo
  51. Mudpin
  52. Sultan's Eyes
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