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Out Of This World's Distortion

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Out Of This World's Distortion
Out Of This World's Distortion


Farmers By Nature - drummer Gerald Cleaver, bassist William Parker, and pianist Craig Taborn - a fully-improvising unit, a complete musical collective.

Each of these men are highly regarded and admired composers and bandleaders in their own right; their coming together to create new music is always an auspicious and deeply fruitful occasion. Superbly attuned listeners and masterful players of their respective instruments, they are without question one of the finest improvising units / musical groups in the world today.

Out of This World's Distortions manifests some of the winsome beauty & powerful, uncorrupted, graceful elegance that arises still, through the horrors that are perpetrated every day by humans against the Earth and one another. FBN create a sonic ecosystem that reflects this magnificence: sowing seeds of sound and bringing them to blossom. Once again they have created an immersive experience yielding awe-inspiring magic.

This album was recorded almost exactly 2 years to the date of their highly acclaimed debut (AUM053) from which they take their group name. The pieces proceed & flow exactly as they were performed in the studio that day (manifest on album!), opening with an exquisite elegy to the late great saxophonist Fred Anderson (who passed the evening before) and closing with an impeccably mesmerizing cosmic pulse piece. The entirety of the album is, simply put, stunning.


  1. Name
  2. For Fred Anderson
  3. Tait's Traced Traits
  4. Out Of This World's Distortions Grow Aspens And Other Beautiful Things
  5. Sir Snacktray Speaks
  6. Cutting's Gait
  7. Mud, Mapped
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