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Byrd: Pavans & Galliards, Variations & Grounds

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Daniel-Ben Pienaar continues his campaign of performing early music on a modern piano with an abundant selection of Pavans & Galliards, Variations & Grounds by William Byrd.

The 16th-century composer's finest sets of dances and variations, featuring some of the Elizabethan era's most popular tunes, set the standard for English keyboard music for generations to come.

With astonishing virtuosity, Daniel-Ben elicits a wealth of colour and textures from his Steinway model D. Two-and-a-half hours of music spread over two CDs, this is most substantial survey of Byrd's keyboard music ever recorded on a modern piano, and ranges from frequently-heard works such as the First Pavan and Sellinger's Round to little-known gems like Callino Casturame and the late, great Quadran Pavan and Galliard.

Daniel-Ben Pienaar enjoys an international reputation for his unusual musicianship, in particular fo his highly individual readings of the German piano classics and for playing an extensive repertoire of preBach works on the piano. He is noted for a sizeable discography including much-praised complete traversals of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, Goldberg Variations and Six Partitas, as well as the Sonata cycles of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. He has made the first complete recordings of the keyboard works of Jacobean composer Orlando Gibbons and of the mature piano music of South African composer Arnold van Wyk, and the first recording on piano of Gaspard Le Roux's Pièces de clavessin (1705). Pienaar is an elected Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music, where he lectures, and a Professor of the University of London.

"Interpretations where within the letter critically observed, a numinous potency breaks free" - Gramophone
"Pienaar responds with an astonishing range of expression and colour" The Sunday Times
"A veritable Mo Farah of the keyboard" BBC Music Magazine
"One of the most exciting pianists of his generation" - Rondo


  1. Name
  2. Byrd: Pavan in C, MB XXVII-XXVIII, 29a ('Pavan the first', My Lady Nevell's Book 10)
  3. Byrd: Galliard in C, MB 29b ('Galliard the first', MLNB 11)
  4. Byrd: Pavan in G, MB 71a ('Pavan the second', MLNB 12)
  5. Byrd: Galliard in G, MB 71b ('Galliard the second', MLNB 13)
  6. Byrd: Pavan in A, MB 14a ('Pavan the third', MLNB 14)
  7. Byrd: Galliard in A, MB 14b ('Galliard the third', MLNB 15)
  8. Byrd: Pavan in C, MB 30a ('Pavan the fourth', MLNB 16)
  9. Byrd: Galliard in C, MB 30b ('Galliard the fourth', MLNB 17)
  10. Byrd: Pavan in C, MB 31a ('Pavan the fifth', MLNB 18)
  11. Byrd: Galliard in C, MB 31b ('Galliard the fifth', MLNB 19)
  12. Byrd: Pavan in C, MB 32a ('Pavan the sixth', MLNB 20)
  13. Byrd: Galliard in C, MB 32b ('Galliard the sixth', MLNB 21)
  14. Byrd: Sellinger's round, MB 84
  15. Byrd: Hornpipe, MB 39
  16. Byrd: O Mistress mine, MB 83
  17. Byrd: John, come kiss me now, MB 81
  18. Byrd: Calino casturarme, MB 35
  19. Byrd: Pavan, Canon 2 in 1, MB 74 ('Pavan the seventh', MLNB 22)
  20. Byrd: Pavan in A, MB 17 ('Pavan the eight, MLNB 23)
  21. Byrd: Passamezzo Pavan, MB 2a ('Pavan the ninth', MLNB 24)
  22. Byrd: Passamezzo Galliard, MB 2b ('Galliard the ninth', MLNB 25)
  23. Byrd: Rowland, or Lord Willoughby's welcome home, MB 7 (MLNB 33)
  24. Byrd: Qui passe, for my Lady Nevell, MB 19
  25. Byrd: Hugh Ashton's Ground, MB 20
  26. Byrd: My Lady Nevell's Ground, MB 57
  27. Byrd: Pavan, Sir William Petre, MB 3a (Parthenia, also 'Pavan the tenth', MLNB 39)
  28. Byrd: Galliard, Sir William Petre, MB 3b (Parth., also 'Galliard the tenth', MLNB 40)
  29. Byrd: Galliard, Mistress Mary Brownlow, MB 34 (Parth.)
  30. Byrd: Pavan, The Earl of Salisbury, MB 15a (Parth.)
  31. Byrd: Galliard, The Earl of Salisbury, MB 15b (Parth.)
  32. Byrd: Second Galliard, MB 15c (Parth.)
  33. Byrd: Go from my window now, MB 79
  34. Byrd: Ground, MB 42
  35. Byrd: The Woods so wild, MB 85
  36. Byrd: Walsingham, MB 8
  37. Byrd: The Bells, MB 38
  38. Byrd: Quadran Pavan, MB 70a
  39. Byrd: Quadran Galliard, MB 70b
  40. Byrd: The Carman's whistle, MB 36
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