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Cha Cha Au Harem - Orientica - France 1960-1964

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Funky and kitsch 16-track compilation of French cha-cha-cha played in a Middle Eastern style. This collection of the French equivalent of exotica (think Les Baxter, Yma Sumac, Martin Denny etc.) from the early 1960s, is part of Born Bad's ever-expending series of essential collections.

Available on CD digipack with 12-page booklet and single LP with printed inner sleeves + download code. The liner notes are in French and English.

Sit back and relax in your lawn chair, smoke a hookah and discover 'Cha-Cha au Harem - Orientica-France 1960-1964'.


  1. Name
  2. Léo Clarens et ses Rythmes Orientaux - Cha Cha Cha au Harem
  3. Zina Nahid - Danse du Sud
  4. Fred Adison et son orchestre - Inch' Allah
  5. Benny Benett - Couscous
  6. Kemal Rachid et ses Ottomans - Loukoum
  7. Benny Benett - Ismaïla
  8. Kemal Rachid et ses Ottomans- Bagdad
  9. Staiffi et ses Mustafa's - Danse l'amour
  10. Los Cangaceiros - El Mechoui
  11. Kemal Rachid et ses Ottomans - Au café turc
  12. Los Matecoco - Baklava, loukoum, kadaiff
  13. Léo Clarens et ses Rythmes Orientaux - Shish Kebab
  14. Raymond Lefèvre - Lawrence d'Arabie
  15. Trio Joroca - On m'appelle l'oriental
  16. Mohammed Ben Abdel Kader - Arabian Night
  17. Roger Morris et son orchestre - Oriental Express
  18. Ali Baba et son Ensemble - Mahomet de Tunis
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