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Boston Goes Disco! Compiled by Serge Gamesbourg (4LP)

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Boston Goes Disco! Compiled by Serge Gamesbourg (4LP)
Boston Goes Disco! Compiled by Serge Gamesbourg (4LP)


During the 1970s and 80s, the city of Boston and its environs produced some of the era's most iconic music stars, from rock megaliths like Aerosmith and The Cars to disco and soul celebutantes Donna Summer, New Edition and Tavares. These artists emerged from Beantown's thriving underground music scene to find global success, but what about the countless contemporaries who never made it beyond the local circuit? Native DJ, producer and bass player Serge Gamesbourg began digging in the crates for forgotten gems more than two decades ago; emerging in 2018 with his first BBE compilation, lovingly titled Boston Goes Disco!"I wanted to shed light on more obscure & unknown disco & boogie records outta Boston and the surrounding areas; basically small label and privately pressed late 70s and early 80s dance music from Massachusetts." Turning detective as he began to track down many an obscure artist to license music for the album, Gamesbourg often found Boston's legendary Berklee College of Music to be the common denominator for many bands throughout the years. "A lot of these cats came here real young to study from various parts of the country, met the other band members and wrote music and performed locally before finishing their studies and moving on."With artwork paying homage to 80's rap compilation "Boston Goes Def", Boston Goes Disco! provides an exciting insight into the city during its most culturally fertile period, uncovering a rich musical history previously only known to those who were there.


  1. Name
  2. The Chris Rhodes Band - Wait Until Dark*
  3. Gypsy - Keep It Comin' On (Serge Gamesbourg Edit)
  4. Carrie Mims & Herb Lee River Junction - Get Up & Dance Don't Want No Party Poo
  5. Wildlife Feat. Vi Taylor - All In Good Time (Serge Gamesbourg Edit)
  6. Larry Wedgeworth And Clique - No More Games (Serge Gamesbourg Edit)
  7. Portable Patrol Feat. The Disco Cop - Cop Bop (Serge Gamesbourg Edit)
  8. Cojo - Play It By Ear
  9. Royale - I Want Your Body (Serge Gamesbourg Edit)
  10. Second Wind - Free For All (Serge Gamesbourg Rework)
  11. Hypnotics - Fire Funk (Serge Gamesbourg Rework)
  12. Carrie Mims & Herb Lee River Junction - I'm Gonna Get You (Meeow) (Serge Gamesbourg Edit)
  13. Dreamfight - Feel The Music (Serge Gamesbourg Rework)
  14. Christopher Michael Band - You Make Me Happy (Serge Gamesbourg Slight Edit)
  15. Carrie Mims & Herb Lee River Junction - I'm Gonna Get You (Meeow)
  16. (Original 7"" Version Spliced Parts 1 & 2)*
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