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Greatest Hits

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Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits


James Morrison returns with the newly reworked 'Greatest Hits' album.

James's powers of reinvention take on varying forms throughout the 'Greatest Hits' album. Stripped of its pop-leaning production and Nelly Furtado's featured vocal, 'Broken Strings' is a far more sombre experience that gains a deeper emotional impact. His breakthrough 'You Give Me Something' has a more nuanced live feel, not only within the music but also with his now huskier, bluesy tone, while 'I Won't Let You Go' takes on a fervent, gospel-tinged energy. And 'You Make It Real' is a particularly stellar example of James channeling all of the ups and downs that come with long-term relationships to sing a love song that comes straight from the heart.

Both versions of the songs co-exist very naturally together. The originals still have the freshness that they first had, but now they have a wealth of memories attached to them. Meanwhile, the newer versions show that a great song can evolve very organically over time, especially as an artist's ability grows in tandem.

1. Who's Gonna Love Me Now?
2. Don't Mess With Love
3. You Give Me Something (Refreshed)
4. Broken Strings (Refreshed)
5. Wonderful World (Refreshed)
6. I Won't Let You Go (Refreshed)
7. You Make It Real (Refreshed)
8. This Boy (Refreshed)
9. Precious Love (Refreshed)
10. Please Don't Stop The Rain (Refreshed)
11. Too Late For Lullabies (Refreshed)
12. My Love Goes On Feat. Joss Stone (Refreshed)
13. So Beautiful (Refreshed)
14. Up (Refreshed)
15. The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore (Refreshed)


  1. Name
  2. Who's Gonna Love Me Now?
  3. Don't Mess With Love
  4. You Give Me Something (Refreshed)
  5. Broken Strings (Refreshed)
  6. Wonderful World (Refreshed)
  7. I Won't Let You Go (Refreshed)
  8. You Make It Real (Refreshed)
  9. This Boy (Refreshed)
  10. Precious Love (Refreshed)
  11. Please Don't Stop The Rain (Refreshed)
  12. Too Late For Lullabies (Refreshed)
  13. My Love Goes On Feat. Joss Stone (Refreshed)
  14. So Beautiful (Refreshed)
  15. Up (Refreshed)
  16. The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore (Refreshed)

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