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Ballads Of Booze/Old Rarity/Fine Old English Tory Times/Murder Ballads

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Four albums, originally released on Transatlantic Records in 1969, 1971, 1972 and 1973, from the legendary Scottish singer-songwriter Hamish Imlach. He was popular outside his native Scotland, touring extensively in Europe where he was much loved.

Imlach died in 1996 at the tender age of 55, having lived life to the full!

Digitally remastered and slipcased. With extensive new notes by John O'Regan. Also available on BGO Records: BGOCD1414 Hamish Imlach / Before And After / Hamish Imlach Live! / The Two Sides Of Hamish Imlach + bonus tracks.


  1. Name
  2. Beer Is Best
  3. The Mountain Dew
  4. Little Maggie
  5. Scottish Sabbath
  6. Maids When Youre Young
  7. As Usual
  8. Good Bye Booze
  9. Drunk, Drunk Again
  10. Twelve And A Tanner A Bottle
  11. Whisky Seller
  12. The Moonshiner
  13. The Calton Weaver
  14. The Poor Beasts
  15. Clives Song
  16. The Cuckoo
  17. Baron Of Brackley
  18. Pretty Little Horses
  19. Noted Rider
  20. Kilbogie
  21. Boozin Bloody Boozin / Kids Drinking Song
  22. Streets Of Laredo / Western Cowboy
  23. Lang Johnny Moore
  24. Poisoning The Students Minds
  25. Whupped Up The Hill
  26. Forty Pence Butter
  27. One Day Old
  28. Base Details
  29. If You Want To See The General
  30. Downtrodden Landlord
  31. Automation (Fascination)
  32. Twelve Pence Aint A Shilling
  33. Pie In The Sky
  34. Whiskey
  35. Dialogue
  36. Five Eyes
  37. Fine Old Tory Times
  38. Cornflakes, Sugar, Teardrops
  39. Bluebird
  40. Baldheaded Woman
  41. People Upstairs
  42. Coulters Candy
  43. Daddy What If?
  44. Tableau At Twilight
  45. Jenny Jenkins
  46. The Whale
  47. The Mermaid
  48. The Rabbit
  49. Travelling Rhythm
  50. Murdered Ballad
  51. The Lion
  52. The Night Sound
  53. That Terrible Terrible Night
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