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Get Your Shit Together

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Get Your Shit Together
Get Your Shit Together


Debut by Hunt Sales Memorial is an explosive 12-track roots-rock exploration from the Runt band member, "Lust for Life" beatmaker, and Tin Machine co-founder; out January 25th 2019 from Big Legal MessMEMPHIS, Tenn. - A conventional bio of Hunt Sales would start by noting his famous associations, recounting his much-revered work as a sideman for Todd Rundgren, Iggy Pop and David Bowie. It would trumpet the fact that he's long been considered one of the world's greatest drummers, a secret weapon deployed in the service of rock royalty. But that's not how Sales identifies, nor how he sees himself. "I'm gonna fucking tell you who I am," says Sales with gruff candor. "What I really am is my kids' father and my wife's husband. And I'm a heroin addict. A bad heroin addict for 40 years. I've been a crackhead. And I've been a criminal. Those are the facts. But I don't do drugs anymore. I'm sober now. All I do is make music - so let's not be late for the show."In a career that began when he was teen in the mid-'60s, Sales has seen and done it all. Beyond his impressive rock 'n' roll c.v. he's played blues for the legendary Lowell Fulson, recorded with funk master Bootsy Collins, jammed out with Tex-Mex all-stars Los Super Seven, devoted himself to mastering organ trio music and Dixieland jazz, and served up songs across the spectrum for film and TV. If there's a professional or creative path to explore, Sales has traveled it. Now leading his new project, Hunt Sales Memorial, he's stepping out into the spotlight at last. "I'm a new artist that's an old artist," offers the 64-year-old Austinite. "I'm a guy who's worked with the biggest stars in the world, but I'm still unknown and underground." For Sales, the new chapter of his life came as he finally rid himself of a longtime heroin habit. "The life expectancy for the typical addict is 10 or 15 years. I lived way longer because I was professional junkie," he says. "But after so many decades I finally had to stop. I outlived my addiction. And the moment I stopped,


  1. Name
  2. Here We Go
  3. Magic
  4. Angel Of Darkness
  5. Way On My Own
  6. Sorry Baby
  7. Shimekra's Got The Hook Up
  8. Tides That Bind
  9. Bitch Done Left
  10. I Can't Stop
  11. It Ain't Easy
  12. One Day
  13. Cleveland Street Memphis
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