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We Walked In Song

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We Walked In Song
We Walked In Song


Innocence Mission's musical style is other-worldly bossa-nova fused folk music so pure and plaintive it's sometimes painful to listen, as if you're unworthy or something to that effect. Although this album is not as diverse musically as the 'Befriended' album it has a charm all of its own. Perfect soundtrack for running through lush green meadows during late spring/early summer, in the pale sunshine. Trust me, the imagery won't seem so cheesy when you hear this album and get a sudden urge to find somewhere vast, florid and green in which to frolic. Lead singer/songwriter Karen Peris has one of the most distinctive and ethereal voices I have heard. Delicate and birdlike with hints of melancholia but comforting all at once. Lyrically Mrs Perris is a force of nature, vibrant words and full of all the nuances and realism of real speech. She sings of anything from childhood friendships to the lingering sense of loss we feel when things seem to change too suddenly. Sometimes its hard to gauge the context of the songs but this never manages to isolate the listener. Innocence Mission songs conjur images of 18th century Russian peasants singing folklore even as the group unabashedly sing of their love for the vast landscape that is North America. With such a consistently good album, it seems unfair to select a few as favourites but my standout tracks are 'Happy Birthday', 'Love that Boy', 'Lake Shore Drive' The Simon and Garfunkel-esque 'A wave is rolling...' and the ridiculously poignant 'My Sisters Return from Ireland' with it's ingenious use of male vocals provided by Perris' husband on BVs. Sublime.


  1. Name
  2. Brotherhood Of Man
  3. Happy Birthday
  4. Love That Boy
  5. Into Brooklyn, Early In The Morning
  6. Lake Shore Drive
  7. Song For Tom
  8. Since I Still Tell You My Every Day
  9. A Wave Is Rolling
  10. Colors Of The World
  11. Over The Moon
  12. My Sisters Return From Ireland
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