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Pets Hounds

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Pets Hounds
Pets Hounds


With their feet planted on the distortion pedal and tongues placed firmly in cheek, the bespectacled Chicago trio Pet Symmetry will release their debut album Pets Hounds via Big Scary Monsters in the UK and Europe. Pulling members from Dowsing, Kittyhawk, Mountains' for Clouds, and Into It. Over It; Pet Symmetry is a gleefully spontaneous and unrestrained outlet for good friends Erik Czaja (Guitar), Marcus Nuccio (Drums), and Evan Weiss (Lead Vocals, Bass) to scratch their itchy power pop impulses. With all three band members busy touring and recording with other endeavors, work on Pets Hounds has been an ongoing process for the past year and a half. That unique approach towards writing and recording as downtime and an escape from more serious projects shows through in the unbridled and upbeat spirit of the album. The majority of Pets Hounds was recorded in late 2013 with engineer Mark Michalik who has worked often with Weiss in the past. It took another year before they had time to put the finishing touches on the album, adding vocals and guitar before mixing and mastering this winter. The end result is emblematic of the heights a band can reach when they just kick back, plug in, and go with what comes to them. No second guessing. Just fun.


  1. Name
  2. My Exhausted Month (Of May)
  3. Give Thanks (Get Lost)
  4. Go Outside (Stare At The Sun)
  5. Class Action Force (Useless Tools)
  6. Use Your Illusion III (Knock - Knock - Knockin' On Evan's Door)
  7. Spacial Ex-Perception (No.. Sleep.. Til Bedtime!)
  8. Aisle (Or Window)
  9. Cereal Killer (Rellik Laerec)
  10. Gone, Gone, Gone (Even Further Gone)
  11. Salad Daze (Seein' Cred)
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