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The Seed, The Vessel, The Roots and All (LP)

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The Seed, The Vessel, The Roots and All (LP)
The Seed, The Vessel, The Roots and All (LP)


New Pagans create music that's not only vivid and engaging but also home to massive riffs and rare dynamics. The bands audible influences range from PJ Harvey to Sonic Youth while lyrically the band deliver protest songs, songs about women, songs about mothers and songs about conversations overheard on Belfast's public transport systems. Their live shows are also something to behold and have just been the recipients of the best live act at The Northern Island Music Prize 2020.Music is the focus and an important vehicle for the healthy message the band promotes. New Pagans is a proud advocate for women's rights, visibility and inclusion in the global music industry - an industry dogged with a history of stark gender inequality. The arts community and media have responded to the bands refreshing social and historical lyrical stance which includes protest songs, songs of suffrage and an ode to Lily Yeats, the often overlooked sister of Jack and William B and a key mover in the world of Irish arts and crafts back in the day along with her younger sister, Elizabeth. New Pagans have headlined events as part of Women's Work and Lyndsey McDougall has proudly embraced the demands of live performance and recording whilst pregnant [twice!]. The band are committed to promoting honest inclusion, demonstrating the female force and showing that you can be born as or identify as female, raise a family and have your place as a career musician. Young women, young mothers see Lyndsey as a symbol of strength and hope in her fearless and forthright attitude to motherhood whilst fronting a band. A lot of young mothers feel the need to hide that aspect of their personal life for fear of how people may perceive it as a limit in achieving creative breakthroughs. New Pagans are that breakthrough, a visible work in motion.New Pagans previous releases have been featured in Spotify's 'Hot New Bands' playlists and the bands latest self-release charted in the Amazon Rock Right Now at playlist #26 and Germany playlist Taufrisch: Rock at #23


  1. Name
  2. It's Darker
  3. Bloody Soil
  4. Charlie Has The Face Of A Saint
  5. I Could Die
  6. Lily Yeats
  7. Harbour
  8. Yellow Room
  9. Ode To None
  10. Natural Beauty
  11. Christian Boys
  12. Admire
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