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Iskay (LP)

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Iskay (LP)
Iskay (LP)


7697 Miles is a synth duo made up of Dieter Mauson (Hamburg, Germany) and Crist?bal Rawlins (Santiago, Chile), two long-standing artists of the underground scenes of their respective countries. The name 7697 Miles alludes to the distance that separates both geographical places. Mauson started in the 80s with various industrial and minimal synth projects. He currently performs as a solo artist under the name of Occupied Head. For his part, Rawlins, under the alias of Raw C, has become one of the fundamental names in the most innovative techno scene in Chile. "Iskay" (which in Quechua means "two") was recorded during a tour that the duo made in Peru, inspired by the Andean culture and its ancient traditions. The pieces that make up "Iskay" were composed using a wide variety of synthesizers and follow the lessons left by German electronic music from groups such as Kraftwerk and the Berlin school. But they are also open to ambient experimentations and echoes of techno culture, resulting in pieces that cover a whole tradition of electronic music, in a true hypnotic excursion for those who enjoy electronic sounds as a journey to new territories of sound and psyche. "Iskay" represents the debut of 7697 Miles on Buh Records and is released in a limited edition of 300 copies. The cover art was designed by the great Peruvian artist Paloma Pizarro (Infra_Intl).
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