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La Musica De Los Kechwas Lamistas

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La Musica De Los Kechwas Lamistas
La Musica De Los Kechwas Lamistas


A compilation that presents the diversity of musical styles that are developed in the native communities of Lamas, in the Peruvian Amazon. Los Abuelos del Wayku, a traditional group made up of the oldest musicians from the native communities of Lamas. La m?sica de los Kechwas lamistas: Registros sonoros de comunidades nativas de Lamas (The Music of the Lamista Kechwas: Recordings of Native Communities of Lamas) compiles various recordings made by Los Abuelos del Wayku, a traditional group made up of the oldest musicians from the native communities of Lamas: Medardo Cachique, Reynaldo Amasifu?n, Misael Amasifu?n, Daniel Sangama, Remigio Sangama and Pedro Cachique. The selection and recording process has been carried out by the Tarapoto musician and researcher Percy Alexander Flores Navarro. These performances seek to recreate the most indigenous musical performance styles of the various musical genres practiced throughout the Lamista Kechwa nation since colonial times, as well as the foreign and national musical trends incorporated by these communities during the first half of the 20th century. Thus, this album aims to be a chronicle of the historical processes that took place in the region, as well as a guide to the cultural diversity of the Peruvian Amazon. Some of the musical genres present in these recordings are: the Christmas Carol brought by the Jesuit missionaries during the 16th century; the Amazonian pandilla and the various musical forms that comprise it since colonial times; the marinera, adapted to the Andean-Amazonian ensemble at the beginning of the 20th century; rock and roll, which was reinterpreted as the Lamista twist in the middle of the last century, and many other musical genres that constitute the repertoire of traditional and popular music of the native communities of Lamas. After the success of the anthology The Fabulous Sound of Andr?s Vargas Pinedo, and the launch of the anthology Around the H?misha: The music of the traditional Amazonian groups of Peru, Buh Records presents this new volume, dedicated to the music of the native communities of Lamas, and this time with the launch of a collection and platform called Central Amaz?nica, which will be dedicated exclusively to the rescue of various musical expressions of the Peruvian Amazon. This album is released on vinyl LP format, with extensive information and visual documentation. Compilation and notes by Percy Alexander Flores Navarro. Art by Ren? S?nchez. This album is possible thanks to the Proyecto Especial Bicentenario fund.
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