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Ghosts - Chopin: Preludes, Op.28

Super Audio CD
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Ghosts - Chopin: Preludes, Op.28
Ghosts - Chopin: Preludes, Op.28


Ghosts is the first album by Georgian pianist Nino Gvetadze on the Challenge Classics label. As a winner of the Borletti Buitoni Trust Award in 2010, Nino leads a busy international career and her previous recordings have been highly praised by the critics:

'Outstanding and magical' (The Independent)

In the very act of playing she is spontaneously creating the music under her fingers.' (BBC Music Magazine).

With Ghosts, Nino presents her thoughtful interpretation of Chopin's Preludes, Op.28. 'Chopin looked back and evoked for us the story of his life in his 24 Preludes. Through the medium of these works he revealed his deepest fears and sorrows, but also the beauty and integrity of his heart. The story of these ghosts culminates in tolling bells which are, in Cortot's words, 'of blood, of earthly pleasure, of death...' But what follows? A pause: silence, timeless solitude, in the Etude Op.10, No.6. Then, suddenly, the soul wakes up and waltzes into space. The album ends with the Scherzo No.2, 'like a charnel house', or house of the dead, as Chopin apparently described the opening yet the finale sounds like a celebration of life. And so, our ghostly journey ends with fireworks, with smiling and shining, looking far into the future...' Nino Gvetadze.


  1. Name
  2. Preludes Op. 28 - Agitato in C Major, C.166
  3. Preludes Op. 28 - Lento in A Minor, C.167
  4. Preludes Op. 28 - Vivace in G Major, C.168
  5. Preludes Op. 28 - Largo in E Minor, C.169
  6. Preludes Op. 28 - Molto allegro in D Major, C.170
  7. Preludes Op. 28 - Lento assai in B Minor, C.171
  8. Preludes Op. 28 - Andantino in A Major, C.172
  9. Preludes Op. 28 - Molto agitato in F# Minor, C.173
  10. Preludes Op. 28 - Largo in E Major, C.174
  11. Preludes Op. 28 - Molto allegro in C# Minor, C.175
  12. Preludes Op. 28 - Vivace in B Major, C.176
  13. Preludes Op. 28 - Presto in G# Minor, C.177
  14. Preludes Op. 28 - Lento in F# Major, C.178
  15. Preludes Op. 28 - Allegro in E-flat Minor, C.179
  16. Preludes Op. 28 - Sostenuto in D-flat Major, C.180 'Raindrop'
  17. Preludes Op. 28 - Presto con fuoco in B-flat Minor, C.181
  18. Preludes Op. 28 - Allegretto in A-flat Major, C.182
  19. Preludes Op. 28 - Molto allegro in F Minor, C.183
  20. Preludes Op. 28 - Vivace in E-flat Major, C.184
  21. Preludes Op. 28 - Largo in C Minor, C.185
  22. Preludes Op. 28 - Cantabile in B-flat Major, C.186
  23. Preludes Op. 28 - Molto agitato in G Minor, C.187
  24. Preludes Op. 28 - Moderato in F Major, C.188
  25. Preludes Op. 28 - Allegro appassionato in D Minor, C.189
  26. Etude in E-flat Minor Op. 10, No. 6
  27. Waltz in A flat Major Op. 69, No. 1
  28. Waltz in A Minor Op. 34, No. 2
  29. Waltz in B Minor Op. 69, No. 2
  30. Scherzo No. 2 in B-flat Minor, Op. 31
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